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– Romanian ‘Bank of the Internet’ calls upon technology specialist to underpin new market growth –

Libra Internet Bank, part of New Century Holdings (NCH), has selected HPD Software’s LendScape offering to help support the bank’s launch into the Romanian factoring market.

Libra’s innovative ‘Bank of the Internet’ strategy is orientated towards the use of online applications and new technologies. The bank prides itself on its award-winning products and speed in processing customer requests.

In July 2017, Libra Internet Bank acquired a licence to operate factoring services in Romania, which would help to fuel the bank’s ongoing growth.

Industry expert MirelaPopescu was brought onboard as head of factoring to lead the launch into the market.

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Following an extensive due diligence process, MirelaPopescu and team selected HPD Software’s Aquarius Express, part of the technology specialist’s LendScape proposition. The solution was selected to help the bank underpin its new factoring offering, enabling a fast and successful launch into the factoring market.

MirelaPopescu commented: “The Aquarius Express solution fits perfectly with our dynamic online strategy and we selected it given its ease and speed of installation, and the fact it can scale as our commercial finance offering grows. HPD’s LendScape subscription-based model also provides a flexible and cost effective launch platform – making it accessible for start-ups.

“HPD is more than a technology company. The team has vast experience in the commercial finance world, they are hugely professional and truly understand the needs of their customers. We look forward to a long and close working relationship.”

Kevin Day, CEO at HPD Software, added: “The rapid installation of Aquarius Express, will provide Libra Bank with a deep level of insight and analytics from set up – helping the factoring team to offer the best levels of customer service, and truly deliver and grow in a highly competitive market.

“Through our LendScape offering we provide ‘end to end empowerment of working capital finance’ for small and large providers alike. We are well positioned to support Libra Internet Bank in this new and exciting challenge.”

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