BlockchainBriefing will track applications for business, finance, governance, risk and compliance industries.

PaymentsCompliance, the leading provider of business intelligence to the payments industry, is this week launching a new publication to provide reliable commercial and market information on distributed ledger technology.


As traditional banks and new fintech players squared off in the radically reshaped post-crash world, investment cash worth billions poured into ledger technology. Now many other sectors including trading, securities, insurance, copyright, and the legal worlds look set to be disrupted in the fallout. BlockchainBriefing provides detailed and impartial content to help finance and legal sectors remain informed of market and regulatory changes and developments in this fast-paced industry.

BlockchainBriefing’s in-house team of journalists, analysts and lawyers utilise our unrivalled experience in providing business intelligence to analyse, and make sense of, the complex and rapidly evolving opportunities that blockchain offers.

Based in London, Washington D.C., California and Taipei, BlockchainBriefing cuts through the hype to provide expert commentary from the cutting edge of the debate.

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David Morgan
David Morgan

David Morgan, founder and CEO of ComplianceOnline commented, “Through our PaymentsCompliance service we’ve witnessed the momentum blockchain technology has gathered, from being the cornerstone of bitcoin transactions, to taking on a lead role itself, decoupled from the controversial crypto-currency. It seems with each day a new use for the ledger technology is being explored, from reshaping finance, to providing identity assurance, recording real property transactions, or tracking the chain of custody of high value goods, among a growing list of applications. BlockchainBriefing is an important addition to our services and demonstrates our commitment to providing our clients with critical information in fast moving markets. 

About ComplianceOnline

ComplianceOnline is the leading provider of business intelligence for the gambling, payments and blockchain industries. We specialise in providing high level and independent news, analysis, data and research through our primary services GamblingCompliance, PaymentsCompliance and BlockchainBriefing. We pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information services and eLearning courses.

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