Launch of New Online Hub to Help Streamline GDPR Compliance

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The Privacy Compliance Hub is a new online service which features an easy to use, simple solution for companies to establish and maintain data protection compliance in time for the GDPR.

With just over 2 days to go until GDPR is put into effect, the Privacy Compliance Hub –  created in January 2018 by two former Heads of Legal at Google – aims to streamline the process of achieving data compliance for companies and organisations. The Privacy Compliance Hub is the only service of its kind to allow internal staff of all organisations to manage their compliances independently, securely, and promptly.

The Privacy Compliance Hub allows selected individuals from within organisations known as ‘Privacy Champions’ to develop a data compliance culture that ensures the GDPR and other data protection regulations are met and maintained efficiently. Using the team of ‘Privacy Champions’ appointed from within the organisation, a compliance programme is followed using a Methodology and Privacy Plan which is supplied within the Hub. This takes the Privacy Champions through what they need to do in a structured, step by step fashion and recording each step of the organisation’s compliance journey.

Using straightforward guidance and over 30 template documents at your disposal, The Privacy Compliance Hub is there to make the life of those responsible for compliance easier. With all this and more The Hub is carefully designed to:

  • Work for any organisation in any industry of any size
  • Guide users through a structured, easy to understand data protection compliance programme;
  • Provide practical and easy to use tools to implement that programme; and
  • Achieve a fundamental change in the mindset of everyone by making data protection compliance matter, always.

Our vision is to create a simple, easy to use solution for companies to establish and maintain data protection compliance. We believe strongly that companies themselves and not outside consultants or lawyers are best placed to achieve that compliance. Nobody knows a company’s business and the data it processes more than the people that work within it. – Nigel Jones, Former Head of Legal, Google.

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The Privacy Compliance Hub provides people with the understanding of what they need to do, how to do it and gives them tools to make it happen. A one-off payment of £15,000 provides organisations with full access to the Hub – making it a markedly cheaper method of reaching compliance. With various notable clients including Channel 4, Finimize and GoCardless, the Privacy Compliance Hub has already proven to be a successful method of compliance.

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