Kay Johnson Gee, a leading chartered accountancy and corporate recovery firm based in Manchester, has chosen visual information management technology from Encompass Corporation to investigate cases of corporate insolvency and business restructuring. The move is in line with the firm’s transition to paperless operations and adopting automated modes of operation to drive business efficiencies.

“We wanted to automate our search and discovery processes in order to drive project efficiency and help ensure the best possible results for our clients,” says Peter Anderson, Insolvency Practitioner at Kay Johnson Gee.

“This has become an urgent requirement now that firms must provide upfront estimates to creditors of the cost of working on insolvency cases,” he continues. “We need to ensure we are fully informed in our initial research on every case. Using Encompass Uncover helps us quickly achieve an understanding of a client so we are confident in our estimates of fees. It helps us get the information we need fast.

“We believe the value that Encompass Uncover brings to the practice more than covers the cost of investment,” adds Peter. “We’ve already seen its value on more complicated projects, involving complex corporate structures, for example, or where the deadline for case acceptance decisions were particularly tight where there was an urgent need for a fast and effective search and discovery capability.”

As a user of the Turnkey Group’s Insolvency Practitioner Software (IPS) tool for case management, Kay Johnson Gee Corporate Recovery is also excited about the opportunity for the new integration between IPS to add further value to its work on insolvency projects, enabling the firm to deliver faster access to information and enhanced productivity even on simpler cases. As Peter notes “Integrating Encompass Uncover with Turnkey IPS creates real value for Kay Johnson Gee Corporate Recovery as our firm moves to paperless operation. Encompass Uncover helps us to set-up a case, streaming information about companies, directors, addresses and assets directly into IPS means we don’t waste time keying information and ensures accuracy.”

“Insolvency and corporate recovery is a competitive marketplace,” says Mark Nuttall, VP, UK & EMEA at Encompass. “It is ever more important that practices automate their processes and embrace innovation to win cases and work with optimum efficiency. Kay Johnson Gee has the foresight to understand this and we are delighted to be working with them to help them continue to deliver a high-quality, transparent service offering while enhancing productivity and working to their end goal of paperless operations.”

For more information about Encompass, to sign up for a webinar or to arrange a one-to-one product demonstration, please visit www.encompasscorporation.com.

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