John Carroll, Head of Product Management and International Business, Santander UK Corporate & Commercial, has joined the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to relaunch and lead its new UK Trade and Investment Policy programme. ICC provides a critical voice for business at a global level to champion free trade and provide the rules that govern international business.

John Carroll
John Carroll

John Carroll has joined the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in the UK to lead the Trade and Investment Policy programme. His role will draw on his experience as Head of Product Management and International Business at Santander UK Corporate & Commercial – in addition to a diverse range of roles across International Payments and Trade areas – as well as his extensive experience in the Asian, Latin American, European and Middle Eastern Markets.

The programme comprises trade experts and business representatives from across the country and will represent a diverse range of sectors and company sizes. It will feed directly into ICC’s global Trade and Investment Policy Commission, an influential body with over 180 members from over 40 countries, as well as intergovernmental organisations such as the EU and United Nations.

Crucially, it provides a forum for UK business experts to examine trade and investment policy issues and draw up policy recommendations for governments and international organisations. Members not only shape global trade rules, and access cutting edge information, but also connect with key influencers who can help to drive their business forward internationally.

John Carroll comments: “ICC governs international trade and this programme empowers UK companies to shape trade and investment policy on a truly global level and influence the multilateral trading system, allowing companies to trade and invest across borders – a vital driver of global economic growth.”

In his role, Carroll will lead the programme in influencing policy to bring concrete improvements to cross-border trade facilitation and investment, as well as raising awareness of the benefit that international trade can bring to businesses through economic recovery, job creation and sustainable development.

“In line with ICC’s historic mission – to promote trade and investment as vehicles for peace and prosperity – the Trade and Investment Policy programme engages the ICC network to help define the multilateral trade agenda. It actively promotes international trade and investment as engines for economic growth and employment,” says Chris Southworth, Director at ICC United Kingdom. “Certainly, the programme’s constructive role in representing business views reflects ICC’s history of authoritative involvement in international trade and investment.”

In his new role leading the programme, Carroll is the keynote speaker at a Liverpool Chamber of Commerce conference taking place today at the International Festival for Business in Liverpool – the UK’s biggest ever business festival. The conference – “Meet your Global Business Network” – focuses on providing current and prospective exporters with the information and assurance needed to expand into new markets. His speech will focus on the launch of ICC’s “Trade Matters” campaign – remaking the case for trade.

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