InterActive Pro Partners with to Improve Services for Students

The sales growth platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to significantly improve response times and productivity for teams working with CRM systems

InterActive Pro has partnered with the artificial intelligence (AI) growth platform for sales,, to further develop its enquiries response systems.

Specialised in delivering higher education using the latest technologies, InterActive Pro partners with international business schools and universities to bring universal access to the e-learning environment. The organisation has been working with InsideSales since February 2018, relying on an efficient system of sales communications tightly integrated with Salesforce.

The simultaneous implementation of these two new technologies has allowed the organisation to triple the volume of calls, registering an increase of 85% in responding to enquiries within the first 5 minutes.

Vitaly Klopot, Chief Operating Officer at InterActive Pro, said: “We are extremely happy with the results we have achieved thanks to InsideSales.

“We always aim to provide the best assistance to our students throughout their enrolment journey, starting with their very first enquiry on programmes. Providing a better service to those who reach out to us, we can then improve our efficiency and make sure every opportunity available to them is properly addressed.”

InsideSales is an acceleration platform that uses breakthrough technologies to improve services and overall enrolment advisor performances. Martin Moran, international managing director for, added, “We are delighted to be supporting InterActive Pro as they rapidly grow their business.

“We are equipping their consultants with the AI tools they need to achieve their goals. Our sales acceleration platform and scientific approach with Neuralytics is improving the sales process and boosts revenues through increased contact rates and better lead generation. We are very proud to be part of Global University Systems (GUS) growth strategy.”

The partnership with InsideSales will now be extended to other providers within Global University Systems (GUS), the international network of higher education institutions of which InterActive Pro is part. “Working with InsideSales will bring many benefits to us and our partner institutions, but most importantly for the future students who reach out to explore the learning opportunities we have to offer,” added Mr. Klopot.

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