INFINIDAT, the market’s leading independent provider of petabyte-scale data storage solutions, today announces that it doubled its EMEA revenue in 2017 from 2016. Critical to its success was its strong channel performance, investment into its product line and development, and its ability to turn satisfied customers into INFINIDAT advocates.

To support this growth and continue to succeed, INFINIDAT has and will continue to invest further in its partner program, which in 2017 helped to generate the majority of its EMEA revenue. It will also continue to leverage its newly appointed EMEA Channel Director, Hanan Altif, who previously worked at VMware as a Regional Channel Manager, in order to continue to drive sales through the channel, nurturing relationships with partners and working to develop its EMEA channel program, which will include investment in training and certification of partners. Furthermore, the company will add additional headcount this year, with an expected 20 percent increase in its field workforce within the next quarter alone.

“Last year, it was apparent that established enterprises using other storage vendors had been observing INFINIDAT with a watchful eye; monitoring our product line, unique offering and our growth,” says Dan Shprung, Vice President of EMEA at INFINIDAT. “These businesses are now our customers. Through exceeding customer and partner expectations, the INIFINIDAT name was also able to reach new markets in 2017, such as Portugal and Spain, as well as tap into larger organisations.”

“We are delighted that INFINIDAT is continuing to grow and that our products and offering is getting considerable recognition in the market. In 2018, we aim to accelerate this growth further by investing more in R&D, nurturing our partners and partnering with our customers.”

After consistent growth over the past three years, in Q3 2017 INFINIDAT announced that it had closed a $95 million Series C financing round as a result of a $1.6 billion valuation, establishing the company as a new leader in the $40 billion data storage industry.

Key 2017 successes                                                               

Channel Performance

  • INFINIDAT developed strong and successful alliance partnerships in 2017, which resulted in 80 percent of its EMEA revenue.
  • INFINIDAT appointed its EMEA Channel Director to continue to amplify its vibrant, high performance channel sales model.
  • INFINIDAT acquired new partners in 2017, with many proactively approaching INFINIDAT and migrating away from larger storage brands.

Product innovation

  • INIFINIDAT further invests into its R&D department to innovate Infinibox.
  • Infinibox R4 introduced new features in November 2017.
  • Additional features to the Infinibox include Synchronous Replication, Quality of Service and Major Enhancements to NAS Services, which excels beyond competitor offerings.

Expansion into new territories

The company continues to expand into new regions across EMEA. In 2017, INFINDAT branched out into countries that previously had no INFINIDAT presence, such as Czech Republic, Sweden, Spain and Portugal. Furthermore, it’s continuing growth in key sectors, where reliability, scalability and latency of storage is critical, including Energy & Utilities, Telco and Banking.

Unlike traditional enterprise storage systems that rely on expensive flash hardware for performance, InfiniBox takes a software approach, using machine learning algorithms to extract very high performance and reliability out of low-cost hardware. InfiniBox brings the cost efficiency previously reserved to Google, Facebook and other hyperscale cloud operators into the enterprise data center.

“Beyond our technology, INFINDAT’s agile approach enables us to listen to our customers, giving us a significant edge over our competitors,” continues Shprung. “Through our customer counsel and the recent appointment of Eran Brown as EMEA CTO, customers have a voice within our business, which echoes into our R&D department, helping us to continue to deliver innovative products and features that truly address the challenges they face in today’s data driven world.”

“InfiniBox allowed us to consolidate a number of our existing arrays into a single, easy to manage and triple-redundant array,” says Christian Hensen, Leader Technology Operations, MSG SERVICES AG. “The reduction in floor space alone was worth the transition. The INFINIDAT “faster than all-flash” challenge got our attention and its performance in the POC changed our mind. We know now that we don’t need all-flash, we need performance.”

“We were convinced we needed all-flash, until we tested the InfiniBox,” says Francesco de Simoni, CEO TAS France, part of TAS Group. “We are extremely pleased to be able to adopt a triple-redundant solution that delivers on performance and is also cheaper than the all-flash alternatives.”

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