IMServ launches Control 10 hardware and software for BEMS applications, aimed at premises with lower energy consumption

Milton KeynesMilton Keynes, UK: IMServ Europe, one of the UK’s largest independent energy management providers in partnership with EDMI has developed and launched IMServ Control 10. A stand-alone, programmable monitoring and control device designed specifically for building energy management of smaller premises.

Using Direct Digital Control (DDC) technology, the controller is well-suited for use in small to medium sized buildings with low annual energy consumption and bills of around £6,000 per annum. With the ability to monitor and control multiple I/O points the controller has the potential of providing up to 30% reductions in energy use and CO2 emissions for small sites such as retailers, banks, police stations and schools.

IMServ Control 10 includes six universal inputs including alarms, temperature, light levels and four digital outputs to control heating, cooling equipment and lighting.

The controller is a versatile solution for achieving energy savings, offering both a wired and a wireless solution. Data can be monitored using the controller’s own interface or IMServ’s Energy DataVision (EDV) platform. Customers can log into the EDV system to see their aM&T data coming from their controllers. In addition to data from other meters such as gas, electricity, water, oil, etc. The controller is also capable of storing data for trend and event logging for a period of 30 days.

The Modbus network interface provides a range of interoperability options including interfacing to utility meters, AC units, chillers. Moreover the wireless M-bus option offers integration of the same devices without the hassle of physical wiring on site which will minimise downtime for the customer during installation.

The company is able to keep costs low by ensuring that no site visits are required to change the settings. This is achieved by remote site management available through IMServ’s “bureau team”, providing customers with the reassurance of 24/7 telephone support. Customers also have quick and secure access to their data from any location using the online web portal so that heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas, water and electricity can all be managed remotely.

Invensys-IMServ-logoThe launch of IMServ Control 10 marks a new strategic direction for the company, providing greater flexibility for IMServ to tailor fit its solutions to meet customer’s requirements in these sectors.

Geza Pallagh, IMServ Product Manager, explains:

“Energy costs are continually rising and a building which is financially feasible today may become too expensive in the future. The IMServ Control 10 makes it easy and cost effective to monitor the smaller premises – even bespoke premises such as listed buildings.”

“We believe that installing IMServ Control 10 will raise staff awareness of energy consumption and change attitudes and behaviours towards making savings.”

“Customers’ feedback and experience have been considered during the design of the IMServ Control 10. The product has been developed to make BEMS a cost effective solution for smaller sites. We have ensured that our controller allows versatile installation options, communications methods and hardware options to allow smaller premises to achieve an attractive ROI.”