A free guide for individuals and organisations looking to adopt and maximise Best Practice.

ILX, the global Best Practice learning company, has released a free whitepaper entitled, ‘Applying Best Practice for Project Management Success.’ Projects of all sizes and all types can benefit from Best Practice and the whitepaper is ideally suited to individuals and organisations looking to improve the outcomes of projects.

Best Practice is used to improve or maintain quality in project and programme management and can be applied following self-assessment or benchmarking against tried and tested models and standards. ILX highlights five points to consider when applying Best Practice in organisations:

ILX Releases Whitepaper To Help Organisations Apply Best Practice For Project Management Success
ILX Releases Whitepaper To Help Organisations Apply Best Practice For Project Management Success

1. Develop a common language. We all need to be using the same words to mean the same thing. Where possible, retain the terminology that is already used to keep people onside with changes.
2. Make sure you have a common framework. These things work better if there is a single version of the truth – create one set of reference documents that have the same look and feel. This is especially important for multinational organisations or businesses engaged in mergers & acquisitions.
3. Make sure that roles are documented. One the key things that will change, even if the changes appear subtle, is what people do within a project.
4. Never rely on a single perspective on an issue. Seek out views from multiple stakeholders and consider commissioning an external, impartial viewpoint.
5. Define the business driver for introducing Best Practice clearly so that everyone understands why we are doing this and what is in it for them, and success becomes measurable.

Mike Saville, Programme and Project Management Consultant at ILX, explains, “The Best Practice approach to projects and programmes bring many benefits, but organisations should prepare to address barriers to adoption. The management of projects is like any ecosystem and is at the mercy of a number of different elements. Organisations that can react positively to changes in their project ecosystem are more likely to have greater success. There is much to be gained at an individual and organisational level. Best Practice helps to ensure that there is a common language, with common values to help reduce risks and to improve outcomes. ”

The ILX whitepaper offers practical advice for organisations looking to embed Best Practice and how to address common barriers to adoption across a multigenerational workforce. To download the paper visit

A summary of key courses delivered by ILX is also available to watch on YouTube