HRS Recruitment is a provider of recruitment software specifically built to aid companies in their recruitment efforts. Founded by Carl Holst-Roness, the company began after he spotted a gap in the market for a system which helped aid recruitment efforts. Holst-Roness then paired up with Eldon Jobe to procure investment.

hrs logoJobe had been using HRS as a tool for his company, Recruitment Force Ltd. His investment came after using the tool to generate over £1 million in turnover. An initial £100,000 investment turned into over £1 million, aided by a £250,000 investment from the Finance for Business North East Growth Fund. The company began to grow organically by outreaching to recruitment professionals who needed to streamline their processes.

Recruiting useful staff into your field can be an arduous, difficult and costly task – but for recruitment professionals it is also a competitive one. HRS Recruitment’s software solution experienced rapid growth thanks to its ability to simplify the process, manage and track clients and help place suitable candidates in suitable roles.

Headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne, HRS manages the recruitment life-cycle, including social media outreach, recruitment marketing, big data reporting and candidate & job matching. The software automates key tasks – which in turn increases efficiency and accelerates growth.

The software is provided on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) monthly rental mode. Pricing is available starting from £60.00 per user, with a free trial initially offered to help businesses understand the importance of the software and see how it can be implemented with their company. The company is now aiming to have 7,000 user licenses in place in the next three years – as well as growing its revenue by ten per cent month-on-month.

The company has grown alongside the large recent growth experienced by the recruitment industry. 503,000 jobs were advertised between February and April 2015, which was the highest quarterly figure since 2008. In the U.S, recruitment software secured $811.6 million worth of investment in the first half of 2015, the highest figure since the year 2000.

With multi-platform support, HRS Recruitment can be used on smartphones, tablets and desktop devices to ensure it can be accessed by recruitment professionals at any stage of the day and in any location.

Co-founder, Eldon Jobe, is enthusiastic about the software’s future in the recruitment industry: “Technology and social media have had a major impact on the recruitment sector, with consultancies having to manage a huge range of information with both speed and efficiency.

“The systems we develop give recruiters the control and functionality they need to fulfil the service promises they make to their own customers, and we’re very confident that we can achieve even more with the extra resources we now have in place.”

One of the main successes of the software comes from the deep industry knowledge possessed by the founders. Unlike other solutions, HRS can be used by recruitment companies and by other companies who do a lot of internal recruitment themselves. The software promises free upgrades, releasing a new build every 1-2 quarters.

Now targeting the U.S and the Asia-Pacific market, HRS aims to build on its initial investment and continue delivering recruitment solutions for both specialist agencies and the wider corporate world.

If you need help streamlining your recruitment process, visit the HRS website today.

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