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How To Find Volume?

How To Find Volume

The amount of three-dimensional space taken by an object is called its volume. The volume of a shape can be thought of as how much of air, water, it can contain. The unit of measurement of a volume is a cubic centimeter or cm3, cubic meters or m3, cubic inches or in3, cubic feet or ft3.

To Find the Volume:
The volume is measured in cubic unite or cubes. There are some commonly used three-dimensional shapes like the cube, cone, and cylinder.

The Volume of a Rectangular Prism: A rectangular prism is also a rectangular solid of three-dimensional shape which has six rectangular sides. The formula for the volume of a rectangular solid is V = lwh or length*width*height.
The longest side of the rectangular solid is the length and is parallel to the ground.
Width is the shorter side which is parallel to the ground.
Height is the distance from the ground and the top of the solid.

The Volume of a Cube: To determine the volume of the cube, you should know the length, width, and the height. In a cube, the length of the sides are equal and to find the volume multiple the length of any three sides of a cube. Volume = s*s*s = s3.

The Volume of a Cylinder: It is a three-dimensional object which has two flat surfaces that are circular and a curved surface that connects it. The formula to find the volume is V = πr2h and one must know the radius and the height to calculate it. In the formula, ‘h’ is the height, v is the volume, r is the radius and π is a constant.

The Volume of a Cone: A cone is a three-dimensional object that has a single vertex and a base which is circular. A cone can be of two types, right cone, and an oblique cone. If the vertex is over the center of the circular base, it is called as the right cone and if it is not then it is an oblique cone.
Irrespective of the type of cone the formula remains the same.
V = 1/3πr2h where V is the volume, r is the radius, h is the height and π is a constant.

The Volume of a Sphere: It is an object that has all the points on the surface equidistant from the center. The formula is:
V = 4/3πr3 where r is the radius and π is the constant.

Real-life Applications of Volume: There are many uses of volume in real-life be it the quantity of a particular ingredient, filling water to a bottle, adding petrol to a gas tank, or in more complex applications of math and science. It is essential to know that the weight and mass are not the same as volume and it only tells you about the space it takes up. Mass of the matter that is present in an object and the volume of a solid can be found by displacing the liquid.

Do you know that volume is useful while cooking, we find many measuring spoons and cups, this is where volume used?  The oil you add to your brownie or the broth to the chicken is measured through volume, so volume is used in everyday in the kitchen.

Understanding how to find the volume helps you a great deal to tackle everyday chores from water conservation to cooking, baking and even cleaning your house!

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