How Generation Z will change everything you know

Talking about Generation Z/centennials is like a touch-and-go situation. As of 2018, they are still getting born or too young and juvenile to have fully developed their socio-political and economic perspectives. Using common forecasting techniques, we can derive an idea about the society and milieu Generation Z is destined to grow into.

Generation Zis recognized by those born or to-be-born between 2000 and 2020. They are predominantly the children of generation X. Centennial teenagers are markedly famous as the soon-to-be largest cohort in the world. If you were young enough to not even remember the dreadful 9/11, you are Generation Z.

They have boundless avenues and interests for learning, thanks to the ubiquitous internet connectivity. A unique culture that is perpetually on-demand and events like social media revolution, mobile technology progression, deep and dismal recession and a post 9/11 world, which have far-reaching impacts, are at the helm of their upbringing and nurturing.

This self-reliant age-group believes in self-starting, self-learning and self-motivating and is unstoppable to leave a lasting imprint on the world.

Currently, Generation Z represents 1.3 billion populations worldwide. As 2020 ends, the population will rise close to ~1.6 and 2 billion. Here are seven distinct attributes of Generation Z that has the power to reshape the whole world.

  1. Smaller cohort size

Various momentous events and societal progress shape the mouldable years of every generation. In the case of Generation Z, they are mobile technology, social media, terrorism etc.

The rapidly growing technological innovations, fast connectivity, mobile devices, and social networking are generating constant real-time information feeds at finger clicks.

This transposition has exposed the centennials to new life-shaping circumstances thereby shortening the generational gap from 15-20 years to nearly 5-10 years.

  1. Display noticeable diversity

Generation Z displays increased behavioural and cultural diversity because of the exponential times with recent innovations like the Internet, Cloud Computing, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Netflix, Go etc. influencing a series of accelerated changes in the digital and physical worlds and impacting their thinking prowess and cultural inheritance.

  1. Focussed on dream jobs

Generation Z has an enhanced inclination towards finding a dream job that offers them job satisfaction and gratification rather than a lot of money. They quickly want to get the prize to which they have set their eyes on.

  1. More tech-savvy

This generation suggests inventive ways to use and exploit your apps to make your business profitable. They inherit innovative skills to leverage technology and streamline operations. They are mostly reachable online or through other visual methods. They live and die by emojis, Instagram images, tweets, swipes and encourage graphical communication methods. They expect less abundance of words and incline towards pithy written messages.

  1. Well-evolved social conscience

Research indicates that Generation Z exhibits proneness to volunteer and donate. They look for jobs that positively influence the society and world. They favour using the local products and engaging in philanthropic actions. This urge for social relevance notably amplifies their self-esteem and keenness to prosper in business or jobs.

  1. High on data consumption

Today’s society rallies for a consumerist culture, which gorges on different types of products and services. Generation Z spearheads this mass of avid buyers. With the advent of latest technologies, they spend around 6 to 10 hours on their mobile gadgets per day. They also have an insatiable hunger for goods and devices that are avant-garde.

  1. Instant gratification

Currently, smartphones, laptops, and tablets rule the market. Generation Z is the demographic that is analogous to smartphones and communications technology. An age-group other than Generation Z doesn’t use the internet, social media and text messaging so frequently and aggressively.

To conclude, the world of centennials will redefine history and make it more humane. They will earn the cognizance of the perfect generation and new-age leaders of humanity.

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