Hooked on Wifi: The 15 Most Internet addicted countries around the World

Compare the Market reveal the most internet obsessed countries

  • Americans are the most internet addicted nation with 76% of the population using the internet regularly, 1.23 mobile subscriptions per person and over half a million free wifi locations
  • Bahrain and Luxembourg both have 98% of their population connected to the digital world
  • In Macao, the average person has 3.22 mobile phone subscriptions but they only have 292 free wifi spots

A new study released today by leading price comparison website Compare the Market uncovers which nations are the most internet dependant. In the era of fake news, Snapchat and #selfie, it seems we are never too far away from our phones or without access to the internet. But which countries are the most addicted and in need of a digital detox? Compare the Market reveal all with this new study.

By analysing the total number of free wifi spots, the number of mobile subscriptions per person and the percentage of the population who use the internet, Compare the Market were able to establish the most internet addicted countries in the world.

Free wifi spots
Free wifi spots

The Top Three Countries in Need of a Digital Detox

The study reveals that the United States take the crown as the most internet obsessed nation. Here 76% of the local population use the internet, there is an average of 1.23 mobile subscriptions per person and over half a million free wifi locations are available throughout the country. Another study also revealed how the average American spends a whopping 24 hours a week online.

Top 15 Most Internet Addicted Countries: (Ranked by the three factors)

RankLocationFree WiFi SpotsMobile Cellular Subscriptions (per 100 people)Mobile Cellular Subscriptions (per person)Individuals using the Internet (% of population)
1United States515,9251231.2376
5United Arab Emirates65,6062152.1591
7Hong Kong4,7502412.4187
8Saudi Arabia208,9321491.4974
9United Kingdom58,4001201.295
10South Korea59,0521211.2193

Surprisingly, Brazil, who take second place, offer the highest amount of free wifi locations with 559,490 in total – that’s almost 40,000 more than the United States (515,925). Macao, China, ranks as the third most internet dependant nation on the list.

Countries with the Highest Percent of Digital Users

Bahrain and Luxembourg both share the top spot with a staggering 98% of their populations regularly connecting to the internet.

Middle Eastern, Asian and European cities all take top spots as the countries with the highest number of digital users, including Denmark (97%), United Kingdom (95%), Japan (93%), South Korea (93%) and United Arab Emirates (91%).

Countries with the Most Mobile Subscriptions Per Person

It may seem strange that in some areas of the world, residents have two, or three, mobile phones under their belts. Macao take the top spot and have, on average, 3.22 mobile phone subscriptions per person. Hong Kong are next with 2.41 mobiles, followed closely behind by United Arab Emirates (2.15) and Bahrain (2.1).

For more information on the most internet dependant countries, please visit Compare the Market.

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