The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF) has awarded payment specialists allpay a six-year contract to supply its residents with access to the Post Office network for the payment of council bills.

allpay, which already supplies bill payment solutions to 15 London Boroughs, will also manufacture and despatch up to 40,000 plastic swipecards over the term of the contract allowing payments made at the Post Office to be automatically credited to citizens’ accounts.

There are nearly 40 Post Offices within the council’s postcodes, providing citizens with access to pay bills such as council tax, housing rents, temporary accommodation, private sector leasing and hostel accounts.

Sue Evans, Head of Pay and Park at LBHF, said: “allpay has a vast amount of experience in handling bill payments on behalf of UK local authorities and is a very customer-focused organisation with robust policies and procedures in place.

“The benefit of the new contract is that it brings both payment processing and card production under a single supplier as both were carried out by different suppliers previously.”

Tony Killeen, allpay Managing Director, said the contract award cemented allpay’s position as the supplier of choice to London Boroughs.

He said: “We’re delighted to be providing the council and its citizens with access to the Post Office network for the payment of council bills. Over-the-counter payments play an important part in allowing Londoners to pay council bill payments and this new contract will continue to provide those citizens with choice and convenience.”

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