Getting a Birth Certificate: Ordering in Person vs. Ordering Via Mail

According to UNICEF, birth registration is a standard and permanent record of an individual’s existence and the child must be registered at birth to access the right to a recognized name, official identity and nationality. Apart from that, you might also need a birth certificate to attain a driver’s license or passport and other similar government-issued legalities linked with identification. When it comes to getting a birth certificate, ordering via mail or in person are the two most common ways. This guide will discuss the various aspects of getting a birth certificate via mail and in person.

Ordering in Person

  • Scouting the Correct Office: Each state has a central body in the form of the Vital Records office that administers copies of identification documents such as birth and death certificates. Hence, you should look for the state office where you were born. In order to scout the correct establishment, all you need to is type the state followed by vital records into the search engine.
  • Check the Laws: You can have the liberty to order a copy of your birth certification document from each state; however, the laws in each state might check this flexibility when it comes to accessing other individual’s birth certificate. For any query related to the realization of the certificate, you can contact the state’s Vital Records office and know the response.
  • Keep Your Personal Identification Prepped Up: You will require providing your personal identification for further validation and proceeding the steps to get your birth certificate. Some of the acceptable documents of identification that you should carry include a state-issued ID card, a valid driver’s license, passport or an employee ID card.
  • Visit the Office: Finally, ensure that you are visiting your state’s Vital Records office with all the valid personal identification documents. Besides, make sure that you are decked with an acceptable mode of payment when asked for. Some states have a centralized organization while others are equipped with county Vital Records offices. Engage with the office and call them to learn about the working hours. Generally speaking, when you order a copy in person, you can get a copy within the day itself.

Ordering Via Mail

  • Obtain a Paper Application: Almost every state will allow you to exercise the freedom to request a birth certificate by filing a paper application. You can download the paper application from the Vital Records office of your state.
  • Fill the Mandatory Information: The application conferred by each state might be slightly different in nature, but you have to make sure that you fill the mandatory information in it. Some of the important data in the application include the full name of the person that is liable for the birth certification, birth date, the full name of the parents of the individual and his or her place of birth. Other vital information that needs to be filled consists of the contact details such as mailing address, phone number and email. After that, you have to state down the reason behind your request for this record.
  • Notarize the Application: Although this varies from state to state, you will need to get your application signed with a date by the notary public. You can easily access the notaries via county clerk’s offices or large banks and at the courthouse. Carry a personal identification for further validation and ask the clerk regarding the charges for this service.
  • Mail the Application: Prior to the submission of your application, it is imperative to keep a copy of the application for your own personal records. Once done, you can mail the application to the provided address and make sure to attach your payment and your proof of identity. The average time for expedited service can range from 10 to 15 days while the normal delivery can take up to six to eight weeks.

The birth certificate allows you to avail various right and benefits. Hopefully, this guide will help you in understanding the procedure of getting a birth certificate and choosing the best way as per your convenience.

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