Leading commercial enterprise implements an innovative SAP add-on to reduce SAP IT costs.

GERMAN Retail Company Simplifies SAP Development Using HOVITAGA OPENSQL EDITOR
GERMAN Retail Company Simplifies SAP Development Using HOVITAGA OPENSQL EDITOR

Hovitaga Kft. (, the provider of SAP add-on software, announced that Globus, a leader in retail operations in Germany, has licensed its OpenSQL Editor to enhance SAP development processes. Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor helps SAP developers to build, test and optimize SQL queries using a feature-packed and user-friendly interface.

“The Hovitaga SQL Editor is a perfect complement to our existing SAP Retail ERP system,” said Lukas Pelzer, SAP Solution Architect at Globus. Installation went smooth and took minimal effort without any onsite presence of consultants. Practically there was no implementation project, the product worked right out of the box.

“The ability to get real time data by creating complex SQL queries and the increased productivity of our development department represent two major advantages for us,” continued Pelzer. The main advantage of Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor is that developers no longer need to create a new report in order to create and test an SQL query, which usually takes a lot of time. Developers can now simply enter any OpenSQL query into this tool and the results are displayed immediately. This results in reduction of SAP IT costs and better code quality due to the possibility of more thorough testing of database queries.

“We can fully recommend the tool as well as the obliging support of Hovitaga to every company that is looking for a smart SAP SQL add-on” – concluded Pelzer.