unveils AI-powered, Machine Learning platform which connects gaming computers to blockchain mining

With the explosive growth of cryptocurrency and the growing use of blockchain technology, there is an unfilled demand for computing power. This computing power is needed to validate and confirm the transactions that occur over the blockchain. With such a demand for computing power, there had to be a solution. Gaimin is proud to announce that they have created what they believe to be an incredibly innovative solution with their new, revolutionary, mining client that is also within the spirit of the blockchain.

The Gaimin platform plans to tap into the power of gaming computers to mine blockchains and provide users with coins while their computer does all the work. The revolutionary new system utilizes a custom built AI to efficiently mine coins, while maximizing profits without needing any user management. is a SmartClient that lets gamers earn passive income. It’s a one-stop-solution for accumulating passive income in crypto; it automatically turns on after a period of inactivity, it automatically shuts off when the user interacts with his or her computer. The ML-powered client performs hardware analysis of your computer, mines the best coin for your setup with autonomous load-balancing. All earnings are exclusively accumulated in (converted to) Bitcoin and Ethereum, using historical data and annual trends as motivators.

Gaimin also allows users to increase their hash power, as they benefit from network expansion effects through referrals, making the rollout of this ideal for the large influencer community on Twitch and YouTube. Progress is presented with creative gamification mechanics, making it functional and practical to mine, easy to calculate how much mining is required to get a new game, skin or other low-cost digital goods from their platform.

Gaimin aims to combine different, revolutionary pieces of technology together to create a brand new platform. While the individual pieces of technology are not revolutionary on their own, bringing them together in a user-friendly and easy to use way, Gaimin is set to change the cryptocurrency mining industry.

The goal of Gaimin is not to compete with existing mining networks, pools or clients; they will aggressively target and convert inactive or new gamers to crypto. This is functional mining for the 9 out of 10 gamers who find mining overly complicated, too resource-demanding, too manual, and not worth the effort.

Gaimin will provide a zero effort, one-click downloadable software that will provide functional mining to gamers around the world. has the potential to become “the Uber of gaming crypto,” a digital aggregator of supply/demand. Just like Uber doesn’t own a fleet of vehicles, Airbnb doesn’t own any buildings. is building an entirely decentralized mining network power levelled by gaming-grade computers.

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