X Open Hub announced that FX Blue Labs (formerly MT4i) has gone live with its suite of 10 multi-lingual apps on xStore.pro offering brokers brandable and bespoke trading solutions for use in the X Open Hub environment.

Jakub Zablocki, CEO of X Open Hub said: “The launch of FX Blue Labs’ apps on xStore.pro demonstrates not only the continuing growth of the X Open Hub platform, but also the increasing trend toward unrestricted, open trading environments for technology providers, forex brokerages and their clients. The idea is to let our technology and liquidity partners market their products and solutions using our technology as a foundation giving them access to a wider market.”

FX BLUE LABS Goes Live With Xstore.Pro Offering A Range Of Multi-Lingual Apps For X Open Hub Brokers
FX BLUE LABS Goes Live With Xstore.Pro Offering A Range Of Multi-Lingual Apps For X Open Hub Brokers

FX Blue Labs (formerly MT4i and now part of the FX Blue Group) is a leading B2B app developer providing solutions for brokers and traders. John Morris, Business Development Partner at FX Blue Labs said: “We welcome the opportunity to progress our partnership with X Open Hub and to provide apps that will help brokers using the X Open Hub platform to attract, convert and retain traders by giving traders access to institutional quality, multi-lingual, technology including advanced trading tools, user configurable news and information and trade publication and analysis facilities. X Open Hub offers a friendly API-based integration environment and also gives us a marketing advantage by making our platform available to the wider X Open Hub broking and trading community.”

X Open Hub is a cloud-based trading platform with an open API structure enabling anyone to develop on top of the existing technology, whether through applications sold at xStore.pro or through creating their own bespoke trading platforms from start to finish. Omar Arnaout, Head of xAPI and xStore.pro summarised: “We are delighted that FX Blue Labs has launched its apps in xStore.pro available, via brokers, to X Open Hub users everywhere. Our philosophy is to be the Android of the forex and CFD trading world, joining forces with top developers to deliver the most comprehensive and dynamic trading environment possible for brokerages and their end users. The FX Blue Labs launch moves us closer to this important goal.”

About X Open Hub

X Open Hub is a provider of XOH open trading platform, a complete, A to Z solution for Banks and Brokers to run Forex and CFDs brokerage. The company has more than 100 professionals handling product development and brokers’ support. X Open Hub is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FRN522157) with its registered and trading office at 29 Marylebone Road, London. NW1 5JX.


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