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Help for the Clients of Financial Advisors and Consultants

Yucca Valley, CA – April 2, 2013 – Accountants, Marketing Consultants, Lawyers, Financial Advisors, everyone and anyone in these service industries have clients who need new financing opportunities.

FundaGeek is pleased to announce a resource option that offers a new class of funding solution for those clients. In addition to the Innovation site, FundaGeek operates five specially focused ‘Crowdfunding Portals’. Each unique portal offers special guidelines, focused on each area, for acquiring funding through the crowdfunding process.

1. Scientific Research

2. Software Development

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3. Education

4. Community Support

5. Inventors

6. Innovation

FundaGeek is a crowdfunding platform for innovative projects over a broad spectrum of areas and industries. Through use of social networks, important projects receive funding using the power of crowds. Significant funding can be derived from a large number of small pledges in return for simple rewards. FundaGeek is not an “all or nothing crowdfunding site” which means you have the option of keeping whatever funding your project happens to attract by the end of the campaign period. There is no up-front fee to run a campaign on FundaGeek. Our small fee is paid upon successful funding.

“We’re eager to help professionals recommend another funding dimension for their clients,” says FundaGeek’s CEO and Co-Founder Daniel D. Gutierrez. “We believe there are many compelling projects that never get off the ground due to lack of funding resources, so with our crowdfunding portals we hope to change that and offer a brand new funding option.” For professionals wanting to offer a breadth of services to their clients, FundaGeek represents an important new project funding strategy.

About FundaGeek LLC
Through crowdfunding, a mechanism utilizing the power of crowds, project owners can use social media to solicit personal donations to fund the budget for their projects. The company’s co-founder and CEO, Mr. Daniel D. Gutierrez, is founder and CEO of AMULET Development Corporation, a developer of custom web database software applications for business. The company’s co-founder and President, Mr. Cary C. Harwin, is founder and CEO of Catalyst Development Corporation, a developer of Internet components and decision analysis tools.
FundaGeek is headquartered in Yucca Valley, California and the company’s website is found at:




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