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  • CaixaBank is investing more than 500 million Euro for a new generation of terminals to benefit its customers
  • The new ATMs will be equipped with the latest contactless readers capable of scanning cards, mobile phones and wearables, and offer banknote recognition technology, among other improvements
  • The 10-year project will result in immediate and ongoing innovation in both ATM technology and network services

Fujitsu has signed an agreement with CaixaBank, the leading financial group in the Spanish market, to manufacture 8,500 ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) in Málaga, Spain. The contract covers the delivery of maintenance services to ensure maximum network availability and a high quality of service to the bank’s customers.

The 10-year project, which has already begun, is part of a 500 million Euros investment by CaixaBank. The new terminals will incorporate the latest technologies, which will enable new network services currently being developed by CaixaBank. For example, the bank’s new ATM model Punt Groc incorporates a contactless card reader that allows secure transactions via compatible mobile and wearable devices, giving banking customers greater flexibility in how they pay for goods and services. Automatic banknote recognition, on the other hand, facilitates the availability of cash in ATMs and simplifies the manual loading process.

As a result of the strong relationship between the two companies, CaixaBank and Fujitsu have also signed an agreement under which both organizations will foster innovation in ATM technology and related network services. Thanks to the technical capacity of the new terminals, CaixaBank intends to renew its ATM Network with more than 8,500 ATMs.

The new terminals will incorporate the latest advances in accessibility, including the European Commission-funded APSIS4all initiative that offers resources and support to older people, disabled users, or those who are unfamiliar with electronic devices. That’s why the ATM solution for CaixaBank is equipped with help tools offering an avatar using sign language, high-contrast screens, large text and buttons, screen reader or keyboard navigation.Fujitsu

Fujitsu – 40 years in supporting the Spanish financial sector

Fujitsu started operations in Spain more than 40 years ago. In 1983 the company opened its first European factory in Málaga, beginning production of the first Fujitsu ATMs that were operated in conjunction with passbooks that were in widespread use by banking customers at that time.

Today Fujitsu has a 360º offering around ATMs that are exported all over Europe from its production facilities in Málaga, Spain. The company also manufactures its new FUJITSU ATM Series 100 for the European market, configured to the needs of different customers. From its European Centre of Excellence for Banking Technology in Barcelona, Fujitsu manages and remotely controls the ATM network. In addition, the company develops dedicated applications for different European clients in its Software Centres located in Madrid and Barcelona.

Fujitsu aims to transfer the commercial banking experience it has developed in Spain to other European markets. Fujitsu’s new ATMs offer a compact design paired with the latest technology advances, for improved user experience, greater efficiency and profitability for banking clients.

CaixaBank is considered an international benchmark when it comes to innovation and new technologies applied to banking services. At present, the bank has a network of over 9,000 cashpoints and 13 million cards in issue. In the last year alone, 7.5 million people a month used CaixaBank’s cash machines. On a global scale, CaixaBank terminals carried out 560 million transactions a year.


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