Foreign exchange and payments specialist, Frontierpay, is raising awareness of the importance of reliable, secure and compliant payments by providing expert insight for members of the Global Payroll Association and the Expat Academy.

Throughout 2017, Frontierpay will be supporting the Global Payroll Association, the international membership organisation for payroll professionals, by hosting two webinars and a roundtable event for members on the topic of managing foreign exchange and payment risk. Frontierpay will also provide expert guidance for the organisation’s Country Insight guides on how to make compliant local authority payments and will be supporting members by operating a payments helpline, answering queries on successfully making overseas payments.

Melanie Pizzey, CEO at Global Payroll Association, commented, “It’s becoming increasingly common for businesses to have employees in multiple countries and as a result, our members need more support than ever before to navigate areas such as fluctuating exchange rates and differing, complex tax payment regulations, to ensure their employees and the relevant local authority are securely paid in full and on time. With the team’s extensive experience in facilitating global payment solutions, having Frontierpay on board to provide this insight is invaluable.”

Frontierpay will also be working to educate members of the Expat Academy, a network of global businesses, on why the security and compliance of overseas payments is vital to the success of a global mobility initiative; whether that be for payroll or expense management. As an official Training Partner, the team will be attending four mobility training sessions for members throughout 2017, as well as sitting on a roundtable at the Expat Academy’s annual conference.

James Holder, Director at the Expat Academy, commented, “Our members run successful mobility programmes that provide support for their employees wherever they may work in the world. A key part of that is ensuring that employees’ salaries and expenses are paid on time. The training sessions that Frontierpay ran last year, providing insight on payment risk and navigating foreign exchange rates, were of great help to our members and we’re thrilled that the team is on hand to continue providing guidance for us throughout 2017.”

Nat Davison, Partner at Frontierpay, commented, “A global workforce is a reality for many businesses, and as such completing payroll on time is becoming more difficult. We often speak to businesses who are spending vast amounts of time wrestling with a multitude of regulatory requirements to ensure that their payments to different parts of the world are compliant. It is therefore hugely important that the members of organisations such as the Global Payroll Association and the Expat Academy have access to the technical support and insight they need to complete this process successfully and we are pleased to be able to share our expertise.”

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