FreeAgent, the innovative UK cloud accounting provider, has announced the imminent release of a new payroll feature aimed at saving accountants hours of admin every month.

FreeAgent, whose award-winning cloud software is increasingly the tool of choice among accountants working with contractors, freelancers and micro-businesses, is launching a new “bulk payroll” option into its system. The feature will enable accountants to work more efficiently by allowing them to prepare and file multiple client payrolls to HMRC at the same time whilst automatically recording the payroll information in their clients’ accounts.

FreeAgent’s software comes with fully integrated payroll at no extra cost – providing accountants with all the tools they need to work with contractor and micro-business clients, all in the same place. The new feature is expected to save accountancy practices hours of admin every month as they will be able to run payroll for all their clients by simply clicking one button.

Ed Molyneux, CEO and co-founder of FreeAgent, said: “Running payroll every month can be a very time-consuming process for accountancy practices – especially if they have thousands of clients as increasing numbers of our partner practices do. We wanted to try and ease the burden for these practices and help free up their valuable time.

“With our new bulk payroll feature, a huge element of that administrative burden will be a thing of the past. With one click, you can run all of your clients’ payrolls at once and save hours of time – which we anticipate will be very popular with our accountancy practice customers.”

Initial feedback from early adopters of FreeAgent’s bulk payroll feature has been universally positive, with many accountancy practices highlighting how it is already helping them save significant amounts of time and work more effectively.

Helen Christopher, Operations Director at Genie Accountancy, said: “All of our 800 clients use FreeAgent, so the bulk payroll functionality will save our practice 20 staff hours per month.

“Now we’ve everything in one place, including P60s, we not only save time running payroll every month but have also reduced the risk of data inaccuracy and, as FreeAgent has no extra costs for payroll, reduced our costs.”