Fortune 500 Bank Implements New Order Management Process with InvestEdge and FIX Flyer

InvestEdge, a leading provider of wealth management solutions, today announced a well-known US-based bank has signed onto FIX Flyer’s order management and routing solutions, which were recently made available through an integration with the InvestEdge portfolio management system.

The bank, which has over $45 billion in assets under management, has been utilizing InvestEdge’s trading, portfolio management and compliance offerings for the past 10 years and recently added the firm’s performance reporting platform.

With the adoption of FIX Flyer, the bank will now provide its advisors a unified, centralized trading environment that enables them to more efficiently manage and execute trades across various asset classes.

The bank sought to streamline order management and trading decisions across multiple brokers and custodians and eliminate the friction of tedious manual processes required to connect disparate systems. With FIX Flyer, the bank’s advisors will have a seamless, single view of accounts across all business lines, alleviating duplication and eliminating inefficiencies in workflows. Advisors will be able to easily rebalance accounts and create single orders that can be sent in real time for execution and status retrieval across all security types.

“For an organization with multiple business lines, transitioning to an automated and centralized process can increase productivity and oversight,” says Jeff Cowley, Senior Vice President and Director of Product at InvestEdge. “Through our partnership with FIX Flyer, we can provide our clients exactly that – an integrated platform designed to optimize workflows and reduce operational risks at the organizational level by automating and centralizing trading and post-trade processing.”

In October 2017, InvestEdge announced a partnership and integration with FIX Flyer to add order management and routing to its portfolio management solution. FIX Flyer’s solution is unique because it enables managers and traders to modify or cancel orders, create blocks, manage child-parent order relationships, use broker algorithms and manual fills. Traders have real-time insight into the order flow enabling them to handle critical trading issues and quickly status orders in the market.

“This exciting addition to our offering will streamline trading execution and post-trade processing across multiple custodians and brokers, helping wealth management firms manage trading costs and providing advisors newfound efficiency by eliminating tedious manual process,” said Chris Ollendike, Executive Vice President of Business Development for InvestEdge. “As advisors continue to seek a seamless user experience, we are pleased to offer our clients superior features and service through this integration.”

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