ForeScout Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of continuous monitoring and mitigation solutions for Global 2000 enterprises and government organisations, has announced new ControlFabric integrations with several industry-leading advanced threat detection (ATD) solutions. These integrations allow customers to quickly and automatically contain advanced persistent threats (APTs), and ultimately disrupt their propagation in the corporate network environment. ForeScout’s current ecosystem of ATD partners includes leading vendors such as Bromium, Damballa, Invincea, and Palo Alto Networks.

ATD solutions help protect organisations against targeted APTs and zero-day malware. By integrating with ForeScout CounterACT via the ControlFabric architecture, ForeScout customers can leverage their NAC environment to automate the mitigation of detected threats and provide an enhanced scope of the attack, ultimately reducing the response time.

“Today’s advanced threat detection takes various behavioural approaches to illuminating malware. Instead of trying to detect malware based on what it is (signature based), behavioural malware detection relies on what the malware does,” said Frank Dickson, research director at Frost & Sullivan. “However, detection is only half the battle; the other half requires blocking and, if necessary, remediating the affected systems. Without a system capable of automated response to quickly react to threats once discovered, companies are effectively an open window for data exfiltration or malware propagation on their networks. Data exfiltration is measured in minutes; the metric for response needs to be the same.”

Michael DeCesare, President and CEO of ForeScout Technologies
Michael DeCesare, President and CEO of ForeScout Technologies

ATD/CounterACT Integration

ForeScout CounterACT works with ATD solutions to provide an effective approach to risk management and threat mitigation. The joint solutions provide real-time visibility and compliance management of devices on the network, effective response to APTs and zero-day threats, and automation to efficiently and accurately mitigate endpoint risks and advanced threats.

“Combining CounterACT with leading ATD solutions such as those from Bromium, Damballa, Invincea and Palo Alto Networks allows customers to scan their network devices and give additional clues to determine the extent of infection, while also initiating action to prevent malware propagation and the likelihood of a data breach,”said Len Rosenberg, RVP of Systems Engineering at ForeScout. “Our ControlFabric integrations demonstrate ForeScout’s commitment to delivering holistic solutions that help customers derive the greatest benefit from their security investments and significantly improve their security postures.”

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ForeScout CounterACT™ exemplifies ForeScout’s leadership in continuous monitoring and mitigation. Leveraging next-generation NAC technology, the CounterACT platform provides real-time visibility to users, devices, including BYOD devices, systems and applications and allows IT organisations to centrally apply granular policies to understand their true security posture and to automatically respond to a wide variety of security issues. Powered by ControlFabric™ technology, the platform also enables network, security and management solutions to dynamically exchange information, which, in turn, allows enterprises to respond to issues more effectively and better leverage their existing security investments.

SC Award Win

ForeScout has also announced that its CounterACT™ platform was named as the top solution in the Reader Trust Award Best NAC Solution category at the 2015 SC Awards in San Francisco, on 21 April 2015. CounterACT was judged and won against solutions from Cisco, Cryptzone, Hexis and Trustwave.

“The explosion of mobile devices, cloud and wireless access has thrown a giant spotlight on securing the network. This is where the action is, and the rapid growth of network security companies, including ForeScout, proves it,” said Michael DeCesare, president and CEO of ForeScout. “There is no question that in a time when breaches are becoming everyday news, CounterACT is making a remarkable difference in helping organisations improve accessibility without compromising policy or protection. This award offers proof that NAC technologies are top-of-mind in the industry and reinforces our commitment to pushing innovation and integration even further.”

Each year, hundreds of products are entered in the Reader Trust Award category. Each product is judged by a panel representing a cross-section of SC Magazine readership, which is comprised of large, medium and small enterprises from all major vertical markets including financial services, healthcare, government, retail, education and other sectors. Entrants are narrowed down to a select group of finalists before undergoing a rigorous final judging process to determine the winner in each category.

“This is a significant achievement and one that shows ForeScout’s dedication to innovation and protecting against the ever-changing threat landscape,” said Illena Armstrong, vice president, editorial, SC Magazine.

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