Project messenger ‘start-up’ introduces new feature, hits user milestone and celebrates funding success

Fleep, the project team messenger app from ex-Skypers, is today solidifying its position in the market by announcing the launch of ‘Fleep Teams’ – a feature that lets users create teams from Fleep’s open network, enabling ultimate project collaboration. Fleep has also unveiled that user figures to the messaging platform have now reached 50,000 – and it has just closed an additional seeding round from existing investors, taking the company’s total investment to 2.2 million euros.

Fleep Teams comes hot off the heels of the company’s email integration feature launched earlier this year, and together the two features highlight the company’s unique proposition to provide a professional messaging solution that facilitates participants from within and outside the organisation – the teams can consist of any combination or number of Fleep users and/or email addresses as email participants. Fleep is entirely user centric, optimised for productivity by offering the receiver a platform that supports non-intrusive communication – no online statuses or repeat notifications. As a result, Fleep provides a platform for quicker, more collaborative conversations, improving efficiency and reducing the ‘noise’ associated with traditional workplace communications.

“I am delighted to see steady growth of our userbase and I am very thankful to all our users. We have been building Fleep with the focus on removing barriers from business communication,” said HennRuukel, CEO of Fleep. “The common theme in our user feedback is that they love Fleep’s openness, being able to collaborate and work with others within and outside their organisation, with all the project teams they belong to. With the launch of Fleep Teams we are making it much easier to create and manage teams and team conversations, which ensures users can focus on their work and deliverables.”

Funded by a group of highly successful entrepreneurs including former Skype alumni and Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn, Fleep has just closed a seeding round of 300,000 euros, which will be channeled into ongoing research and development of the product. Despite operating in a crowded market place, Fleep has shown strength through its focus on user feedback and usage patterns tracking to ensure features and functionality support users and their conversations.

Growing steadily over the last four years, Fleep’s 50,000 user base stretches across 100 countries, and multiple industry sectors where project-based collaboration is key to everyday work – with education, finance and construction showing the best use cases of the platform so far. The company’s email integration feature has also been shown to act as a catalyst for new user sign-up, with 17 percent of Fleep’s active users using it to live life after email.

Andrei Soroker, CEO of Sameroom.io said: “Fleep is the main collaboration hub of the Sameroom team. We appreciate Fleep’s unique take on presence, interoperability with email, and excellent mobile apps. One issue we had was adding and removing team members —we had to do it room by room. Now, with the new teams feature, it’s no longer an issue; the app offers a lightweight and easy-to-use design and the teams give us a single place to manage membership.”

Sander Gansen, Chief Marketing Officer of Shipitwise said: “It’s critical for our team to be able to chat across different projects, to allow us to help businesses around the world with their international shipping. We were using Fleep long before starting the company and have found it essential in managing the conversations of our fast growing team. As of now, all our internal communications happen there as well as our external communications – for which we use Fleep as an email client replacement.”

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