Groundbreaking data visualisation, decision management and analytics bridge the gap between Big Data, analysis and decision execution

FICO (NYSE: FICO), a leading predictive analytics and decision management software company announced the general availability of the FICO® Solution Stack, a collection of software products that includes the FICO® Decision Management Platform and three new analytic and decision studios. The FICO Solution Stack is available in the cloud and as on-premises software.

With 30 patents at its core, the FICO Solution Stack brings together Big Data, predictive analytics and decision execution into an easy-to-use development environment. It enables organisations to create innovative analytic applications rapidly; dramatically increase developer and business user productivity with support for a broad range of analytic and decision tools; and executes decisions in real time.

Stuart Wells
Stuart Wells

“The FICO Solution Stack is a critical part of our strategy to help businesses simplify the development, the deployment and the management of Big Data analytics powered applications and solutions,” said Stuart Wells, chief technology officer and executive vice president of product development at FICO. “Organisations of any size can now use the FICO Solution Stack to extract value from Big Data, make better decisions, solve previously unsolvable problems and engage with their customers in more meaningful and successful ways. We are in the midst of an analytic revolution that is changing the world, and now every business can compete using FICO analytic technology.”

“Cloud-based platforms hold the potential to make analytics accessible to a wider set of users by reducing many of the bottlenecks associated with acquiring, deploying and maintaining complex software,” said Brian McDonough, research manager for Business Analytics Solutions at IDC. “As cloud-based analytic adoption continues to grow, more organisations will be able to improve their analytics capabilities and guide their business processes towards optimal outcomes.”

The FICO Solution Stack’s new analytic and decision studios provide tools for building, extending, deploying and scaling applications and solutions. FICO® Decision Studio enables users to build and customise analytic and decision components and services, powered by analytics from any source including broad support for PMML.  FICO® Application Studio enables users to rapidly develop, orchestrate, and publish analytics-powered applications. FICO® Visual Insights Studio gives users powerful tools for visualising, analysing and reporting data trends.  The studios run on and leverage the FICO Decision Management Platform, a full-featured, open standards-based platform that delivers comprehensive decision management with lifecycle management, simple integration and interoperability.

The FICO® Solution Stack was designed to support data transportability and open modeling best practices.

Editor in Chief: Wanda Rich

Editor in Chief: Wanda Rich

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