I spent my 20+ year career as Head of Global Operations for Tiger Management and Highbridge Capital, as well as COO of several emerging managers. I founded OpsCheck to solve some of the issues I was experiencing and to provide the tool to push management’s oversight capabilities from good to great.

OpsCheck is a cloud-based application that creates a central repository for every job, task and project that are completed, ongoing, or upcoming.  It gives you the on demand ability to easily retrieve and verify the current status or proof of completion.  Included, is a workflow function that is tailored to accommodate projects requiring contributions from several departments.

It has been my experience that most businesses face the following obstacles:

Monitoring all tasks, major projects and compliance is time consuming and prone to errors

Infrastructure oversight is antiquated, decentralized and slow to react, relying on spreadsheets, meetings and emails.

There is increasing demand for transparency, disclosure and efficiency from investors and regulators.

OpsCheck is the solution to these issues and offers much more (OpsCheck’s Distinct Benefits). Many reputable firms have already subscribed.  OpsCheck was built with the user in mind: it’s extremely customizable, easy to configure and requires little time to maintain. You can even give access to outside service providers, limit their view and manage them more closely than before.  It promotes continuous improvements and builds a culture of operational excellence where everyone is accountable. It is a useful tool for any investment firm, from small startups to well-established fund managers.
Our software demonstrates a high level of command over your infrastructure that sends a powerful statement to regulators, auditors and investors alike.

We offer live webinars and a free no-risk trial to put the power in your hands to see how OpsCheck will distinguish your firm and secure your spot as industry leaders.

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