ETPs represent an alternative to the Stock Exchange to accessing Investors

• ETPs allow securitizing a wide range of underlying assets.
• The flexibility of these instruments provides capitalization solutions to SMBs.
• This market grew 18% worldwide in 2017.

FlexFunds, a company that has securitized assets in more than 30 countries in 7 years, is a structurer of versatile investment vehicles that enable the securitization of any underlying asset usually in a faster and more efficient way than banks. These assets may vary from real estate to art collections, and as well as being tax-efficient, they preserve investors’ safety and confidentiality.

Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) are custom-tailored investment vehicles for financial institutions, consulting firms for high net worth individuals and fund managers.

“The advantage of the securitization program is that we can accomplish investment democratization. Working with investment managers, banks and financial institutions, we not only succeed in the protection of asset management, but also in the creation of custom-tailored investment products and channels that allow access to investors both within the country and abroad, with a faster implementation timeframe and lower costs,” explained Mario Rivero, CEO of FlexFunds.

Only in 2017, this market grew 18% worldwide. In Latin America, the company’s experience has been a very positive one, since it has securitized a wide variety of assets with significant results. For that reason, FlexFunds’ regional consolidation will serve as a source to access global investors and financing strategies for small and medium sized companies, which would otherwise not have the possibility to issue debt directly on stock exchanges.

“We collaborate with financial institutions, asset managers and family offices by creating synergies and expanding access to investment strategies worldwide, with efficient, distributable and cost-effective vehicles, such as ETPs, which may be publicly listed,” explained Rivero.

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