Etisalat Group – the leading telecommunication operator in emerging markets – with Deloitte – a global professional services organization – and Huawei – a global ICT solutions provider – have today announced the launch of a joint White Paper entitled “From Pipelines to Clouds – Etisalat`s Playbook”. The White Paper shares lessons learned in how technologies combined can elevate a Telcos’ capabilities to revamp their business and also provides a point of view on the road towards a cloud-native Telco, ultimately making a contribution to the telecommunication industry.

The launch of the White Paper “From Pipelines to Clouds – Etisalat`s Playbook” is part of a collaboration made amongst the three companies for a joint innovation program focused around multiple exponential technologies that constitute a Digital Transformation journey from a technology perspective. The companies believe that a future Telco Cloud will require different telecom networks` infrastructure and system architecture to address customers’ digital needs in order to deliver intelligent, quicker, more reliable value added services.

Hatem Bamatraf, Chief Technology Officer at Etisalat Group said, “Cloud computing presents unique opportunities for Etisalat to attain sustainable growth in the emerging digital ecosystem. Our aim is to deliver a differentiated service experience to empower a digital and happier society. This new, opportunity-rich landscape calls for collaboration with diverse industry players focusing on open and agile operating and organizational models. Those who have yet to start this journey must start now and respond boldly with the right strategy!”

 “Network transformation is a valuable opportunity to offer differentiated digital experience with agile network and automated operations. Huawei is fully committed to assist Etisalat on this digitalization journey and would feel privileged to work with Etisalat to help them achieve their goals.” says Peng Xiongji, President Etisalat Key Account Huawei Technologies.

“At Deloitte we believe that digital transformation is not only about technology; deep transformations happen in Telcos at multiple dimensions in order to revamp their business. The transformation journey must be travelled gradually to harvest benefits along the way, as a big bang approach has a lower probability of succeeding. That being said, this paper focuses on the technological perspective, since it represents the foundation to support all other dimensions, which are part of this transformation.” says Pedro Tavares, Partner, Deloitte Portugal, and Leader of the Engineering Centre of Excellence (CoE).

The White Paper underlines the vision of the Etisalat Group to harness its technological vision and key industry advances and provide innovative premium and differentiated service experiences for customers. The adaption of new architecture and processes outlined in the White Paper will enable the Etisalat Group to devise a practical road map for the adaption of SDN and NFV technologies in addition to cutting-edge technology such as MEC, AI, Machine Learning, 5G. We will develop a cost effective infrastructure, which will provide Etisalat with new innovative products/services and with enough time to market them.

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