ESET throws weight behind Safer Kids Online

Global Cyber Security specialists ESET today kicked off their Safer Kids Online campaign designed to build on work being done in the area of online child safety to help educate parents and children, and ultimately foster an online world where children are informed and able to use the internet responsibly and in a safe manner.

The link between digital technology – particularly social media – and mental health is often debated. However, there have been many studies that suggest a link between the screen use of young people and an increased rise of depression and lower wellbeing. The British Psychological Society has recommended that parents engage their children with discussions about their media use and use technology alongside them. However, many parents and teachers lack confidence with technology, they feel the kids know more than they do and so are powerless to help – often resorting to ‘banning.’

Working with industry partners and non-profit groups ESET are looking to consolidate the child safety online agenda to take significant action to make safety online the right and experience of all children. As such, ESET has come on board as a partner of Internet Matters, the not-for-profit, industry-funded members body that helps families stay safe online, providing resources for parents, carers and professionals.

“We recognise that to have a real impact you need the right partners and working alongside Internet Matters allows us the depth of knowledge and guidance needed to ensure we are making a valuable and sustainable contribution where it matters most,” said Malcolm Tuck, Managing Director for ESET UK. “The nature of the issue is simply too broad for one organisation to solve and ESET believe that while investment from corporates and big tech should be a given, the need for action at a grassroots level is just as critical.”

“It is the responsibility of all of us who have benefitted richly from the spread of the internet to ensure that parents, teachers and children are given the right tools and knowledge to make children safer online and we are humbled and enthusiastic to get on board and play our part in addressing this challenge,” said Tuck.

Carolyn Bunting, CEO of Internet Matters, commented: “ESET has demonstrated how important they feel this issue is by launching their Safer Kids Online programme, and we are delighted they are also supporting industry’s efforts to ensure families have the help they need to ensure their children can thrive online. Like us, ESET are committed to working together to help children and young people benefit safely from connected technology and we are encouraged by their commitment and leadership of this challenging societal issue.”

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As part of the Safer Kids Online campaign, ESET has developed its Save our Schools programme – a programme which will see online safety specialists set out to provide turn-key cybersecurity education and engagement solution for schools. Alongside this, UK schools – as well as individual pupils – will be entitled to discounts on ESET products to ensure they have appropriate cyber protection in place.

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