Internationally recognised certification demonstrates the cross-border payment specialist’s high standards in information security

Earthport, the cross-border payments service provider, announced it has been awarded ISO 27001 from the British Standards Institution (BSI).

The auditable international standard recognises the security of an organisation’s financial and confidential data. Companies awarded the standard are seen to demonstrate commitment and compliance to global best practice.

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) award certifies that Earthport:

  • has processes to identify risks and measures in place to manage or reduce them
  • is flexible so that it is able to adapt the risk control it operates across its business
  • has the trust of its stakeholders and customers that their data is protected
  • demonstrates compliance with procedures designed to safeguard information security.

Hank Uberoi, CEO at Earthport said: “Earthport operates the highest standards when it comes to maintaining security around the information we hold, so this recognition of our procedures and practices is very rewarding.

EARTHPORT Awarded ISO 27001 Certification For Information Security Management
EARTHPORT Awarded ISO 27001 Certification For Information Security Management

“Information is a valuable asset. The security of the information an organisation holds is of critical importance in all industries; nowhere more so than in payments. This certification can only give our clients and prospective clients further confidence that Earthport’s approach to keeping information secure and safe is best practice.”

ISO 27001 defines the requirements for an information security management system (ISMS) which governs the management process. Earthport has taken the significant approach of applying the ISMS process not just in its IT functions, but across the entire global business and across all types of data.

Earthport provides a robust, electronic white-label service for banks and other payments service providers to make cross-border payments. Through one connection with Earthport, clients can deliver to almost any bank account in the world. Across six continents Earthport reaches 60 countries directly through local clearing capabilities with many more in the pipeline and a further 140 through traditional methods. As a regulated financial institution, compliance is at the core of Earthport’s payments service and underpins how funds are moved safely across borders to support globalisation. Earthport’s clients can offer their customers more transparent international payments including predictable settlement dates and advance disclosure of fees.

Earthport continues to expand its reach – most recently adding routes to Mexico and Colombia – and client base, with contract signings that include Bank of America Merrill Lynch, HSBC and Japanese remittances provider Kyodai Remittance.

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