DustPhotonics Announces Volume Availability of 100Gbps QSFP28-SR4 Optical Transceivers

World’s newest leading optical company releases to production MSA compliant modules supporting up to 100Gbps over multimode fiber

DustPhotonics™, a high performance optical networking company enabling revolutionary cost-effective data communications at up to 400Gbps, today announced production ramp and volume availability of QSFP28-SR4 optical transceivers.  The 100Gbps transceivers incorporate DustPhotonics’s patented passive alignment technology eliminating manual active alignment allowing for a vast reduction in manufacturing costs.  The QSFP28-SR4 is the industry’s most highly competitive solution for short reach, high-density applications over multimode optical fiber in data centers, cloud and HPC applications.

“The DustPhotonics design enables one versatile production line supporting all multi-mode form factors from 25Gbps all the way to 400Gbps,” says KobiHasharoni, CTO and co-founder, “this allows for optimization in creating a cost-effective, streamlined solution now and for future product generations to come.”

DustPhotonics is driving the mass adoption of optics to 400Gpbs by demonstrating next generation optical connectivity with its QSFPDD-SR8 transceiver at the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) in March 2018.  The 400Gbps product line of transceivers complies with the QSFPDD and OSFP Multi-source Agreements (MSA) and leverages years of design expertise.  DustPhotonics is currently accepting volume orders for the shipment of QSFP28-SR4 and will be sampling 400Gbps transceivers later this year.

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