DPOrganizer launches its one-of-a kind Transparency Widget to help make GDPR compliance easier

The new widget allows individuals to see what personal data companies store and process

DPOrganizer (www.dporganizer.com), the Swedish data protection company helping organisations across the world ensure they are GDPR compliant, has launched a unique Transparency Widget which can be embedded directly onto an organisation’s website in a matter of minutes, allowing customers to view any personal data being held on them – as well as understanding how it is processed – all at the click of a button.

The Transparency Widget has been designed in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which, coming into force on 25th May, aims to ensure strengthened legal protection for individuals as well as greater obligations for companies to be transparent about the handling and processing of personal data. As such, DPOrganizer has developed the Transparency Widget to help make this process easier for companies and authorities. At the click of a button, individuals will now be able to pull all of this information from any given organisation’s website without the need to be in direct contact with them.

Embedding the widget onto a website takes a few minutes and connects the organisation’s DPOrganizer account to its website audience. The widget is also customisable so the content and its appearance can be controlled.

Egil Bergenlind, founder and CEO of DPOrganizer comments: “Transparency is one of the main principles of GDPR, which represents a shift in power from businesses to individuals. Successful organisations will be those that prepare for individuals to exercise their new rights. Our first of its kind Transparency Widget enables just that, providing businesses with a proactive way of promoting trust and respect.”

With the new legislation, individuals will be given the power to decide what happens to their personal data. They can, for example, gain access to it upon request, oppose further processing, request changes to be made, and even have it erased. Companies, organisations and authorities will also be required to provide information on how, and in what context, personal data is being used.

The economic and reputational risks of not properly managing personal data are enormous with GDPR. Companies that violate the new rules can be fined up to 4 percent of their annual global turnover or 20 million euros (nearly $25 million), whichever is greater. Inserting the Transparency Widget enables organisations to handle concerns around privacy before they become a problem, saving  time and reducing costs by offering a proactive solution to questions from customers, and other external and internal parties.

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