WSP, one of the world’s leading professional services consulting firms, has delivered a white paper to the UK Government which outlines 10 measures to improve UK infrastructure.

On the occasion of WSP’s global rebrand*, its UK CEO, Mark Naysmith, highlights the importance of driving forward infrastructure projects in the UK in order to generate economic growth.

The company believes that there is a need for the Government to create a Minister of Infrastructure to improve and drive forward infrastructure projects across the UK.  Other countries such as Canada recently made the shift in creating this vital role to be able to cope with the ever growing demands in improving and creating new infrastructure.

WSP, which employs more than 7000 people in the UK, created the report in collaboration with the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) following an industry survey.

The survey found that 80% thought that the public does not understand the role of infrastructure in enabling growth.

In order to improve infrastructure projects in the UK, WSP also makes the case for further devolution of fiscal powers to UK’s major cities. The company believes that an Infrastructure Minister would also help keep skills in the country by looking at long-term solutions.

WSP believes that cross-party understanding of infrastructure is vital in order for the UK to continue to prosper as infrastructure enables growth and drives the economy.

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