Budget telecom provider Direct Save Telecom has announced that it is to provide free line activation and low-cost line installation.

Nowadays, it is a priority when moving house to get online as quickly as possible. The UK’s info-hungry public simply can’t live without the internet.

However, it is well known to get your line reactivated or a new line installed, you have to pay through the nose for it. Not any longer.

Direct Save Telecom has announced it will now reactivate any phone line for free when a customer signs up to an 18 month contract. It will arrange the whole process for free, and activate the line on a chosen date or on the next working day.

The budget telco has also revealed it will install a new telephone line for only £29.95 as long as an 18 month contract is agreed. This is 77% cheaper than BT who normally charge £130.

Alternatively, to appeal to the UK’s renting and student population, if a customer does not want to sign up to an 18 month contract, Direct Save will install a new line for £118 and place them on a non-contract 28 -day rolling deal.

“We thought it was about time a deal was put in place for UK movers, as line activation and new line installation have been far too expensive for far too long,” says Direct Save Telecom CEO, Stavros Tsolakis.

“Movers can now enjoy free line activation, and low-cost line installation, when they sign-up to our £1.95, 18 month deal. Movers will not be able to find a better deal in the UK.”

Direct Save Telecom currently offers the lowest-costing home-phone and broadband deal in the UK, at just £1.95 per month. This deal includes unlimited broadband usage, free evening and weekend calls, a free wireless router and free set-up.

It also offers the best non-contract deals in the UK. Its family unlimited broadband deal, which is available on a 28 day rolling contract, costs £16.95 and includes free evening and weekend calls, free set-up, and a free wireless router.

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