Latest version offers improved functionality and convenience for users

devolo has released the latest update for its smart home range Home Control – in the form of a new app offering improved functionality for Android devices.

Home Control users will now be able to adjust all settings to configure scenes, rules, time control settings, groups and notifications directly via the app. The new update gives Android users the option to complete a full configuration of the entire Home Control system within the app. New “sunrise” and “sunset” settings have also been added to Home Control, providing users with additional time control functions for their smart home. All of the functions listed are also available for iOS users with the most recent app update.

devolo Home Control offers a DIY solution for those looking to take advantage of the comfort, ease, security and energy savings home automation offers. The Z-Wave based system includes components for adjusting light settings, monitoring temperatures and providing automated home security alerts. Users can monitor and control their smart home set-up through the Home Control app available for iOS and Android.

Complete control directly via the app

Since its launch more than two years ago, the functionality of the devolo Home Control app has been expanded continuously. The latest app update for Android users now makes it possible to set up rules, scenes, time control settings, device groups and notifications right in the Home Control app. While these options were already available before, users were automatically redirected to a browser-based version. As a result, the new functions make operating devolo Home Control even more convenient and intuitive for Android users.

Introducing new time control settings

devolo has also included functions for precise time control settings in the latest update. The new functions give users the option to switch on individual components or groups at the exact moment of sunrise and sunset. This feature provides a number of new automation possibilities in the smart home such as enabling lamps or other devices connected to Home Control to be switched on and off automatically. In addition, the new time programs can act as a control element for rules and scenes, adding even greater flexibility to the smart home.

Prices and availability

devolo Home Control is available in stores and online. The Home Control Starter Pack, consisting of a Central Unit, Door/Window Contact and Smart Metering Plug, is available at a recommended retail price of £179.99. Additional components—from the Wall Switch to the Radiator Thermostat—start at a recommended retail price of £34.99. There are no monthly user fees involved.