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  • Latest tablet-compatible iteration of DCM Connected to give greater visibility and accountability of vehicles while saving time
  • Paperless dealerships to be the norm by 2020
  • Connected users include Sytner Audi division and digital retailer, Rockar 

DCML-LogoThe end of the road is looming for the paper-chase of keeping track of assets with the announcement that DCM Connected can be maintained 100% online through the latest incarnation of its tablet-compatible software.

Enabling users to operate remotely without a paper trail, DCM Connected is the established market leader in terms of the quantity and quality of information processed for its advanced dealer fleet management tool incorporating telematics, giving businesses the ultimate in visibility over their cars.

The comprehensive and easy-to-use software allows full management process to be carried out through tablet devices; improving and streamlining the job of managing fleets of loan cars, demonstrators or any other fleet vehicles.

When DCML launched the acclaimed DCM Connected in 2016, it integrated cutting-edge telematics into traditional fleet management software to provide a clear and effective tool for vehicle management.

DCM Connected has continued to deliver an intuitive interface designed to secure and run a fleet efficiently, safely making day-to-day tasks associated as automated as possible.

The platform already supports more than 1,000 dealers across the UK; boosting accuracy, flexibility and efficiency in managing courtesy and demo fleet movements and eliminating the costly admin errors and disputes that affect 8% of usage.

DCML managing director, Vince Powell, said: “Fundamentally, the standard-setting DCM Connected platform remains familiar. The advantages are that our full analysis is available whether in the office or outside in forecourt or elsewhere, and it can also be used to deliver a 100% paperless management system. There is no doubt that by 2020 many dealers will be a completely paperless environment.”

Using sophisticated telematics software, DCM Connected will monitor and record the driving traits of every asset and operator, measuring behaviour and the most likely areas of maintenance that will require attention.

A traffic light system – with red indicating a poor or reckless driver and green someone who is more careful – to assign every driver with a flag on the DCM system has also been developed, allowing fleet managers to make an informed decision on future loans to that individual or the opportunity to offer driver training to dealership staff.

DCML has also added accident reconstruction capabilities to DCM Connected, meaning that the system will take a snapshot of an accident immediately before, during and after an impact. It will then be able to ascertain to a detailed degree what happened, making costly liability disputes almost obsolete and saving money on insurance premiums.

Among the system’s other key attributes are:

  • Automatic mileage updates
  • Fuel level indicator
  • GPS-enabled vehicle locator
  • Automatic alerts on Congestion Charge and Dart Crossing use
  • Fault indicator, which flags up on the main screen of the app, giving fleet managers the best chance of minimising time off the road smoothly
  • Geo-fencing capabilities showing when each vehicle leaves and returns to its ‘home’ dealership, giving increased visibility of the fleet at a glance

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