Cyber adAPT 2.0: Round-Trip Security for Mobile and IoT Now Available As A Secure Cloud Service

Cyber adAPTä today announced the introduction and availability of an industry-first cloud-based solution that provides mobile device security, attack detection, and automated remediation for devices outside of the core network.

 The risk of catastrophic outcomes from unsecure devices is becoming a weekly cover story. Juniper Research says that we will see 160 TRILLION messages transmitted annually by mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies as early as 2019.[1] Cyber adAPT continues to deliver comprehensive security to federated enterprises that manage the risk of countless devices connecting to their network.

 A simple, three-click enrollment process now enables this “round-trip” security:

  1. Secures network communications with advanced device traffic encryption and authentication.
  2. Detects malware and anomalous network traffic in real-time.
  3. Pin-points precise users and devices that activate each attack alarm.
  4. Triggers immediate action to ensure compromised devices are isolated by automatic quarantine or wipe.
  5. Provides detailed forensic clarity to security analysts, allowing the fastest possible manual response.

With this new release, more devices and more operating systems can be protected and enabled within seconds, without hardware being shipped or software installed. Cyber adAPT is now available in a 100% virtualized environment – meaning all deployment options are now open to the security architects:  multi-tenant cloud service, private cloud and hybrid solutions, a virtual machine delivered onto the client’s infrastructure, and the dedicated Cyber adAPT appliance.

“Cyber adAPT brings customers visibility and control, something they have yet to experience from a security platform that focuses on behavior outside of the traditional ‘core network’,” says Michael Weinberger, senior vice president of product development at Cyber adAPT.

 “Imagine having a brand new Ferrari in the driveway that you are scared to drive at any speed because you can’t see through the warped windshield. That’s what it’s like for many chief information security officers (CISOs) who feel they have to hold back on the mobile-throttle because they have no way of detecting and isolating dangerous traffic that flies past.”

 Many companies have made initial progress enabling users and devices in the field, outside of the core network. Tools such as mobile device management (MDM) and the wider enterprise mobility management (EMM) provide a degree of control and data access, but are woefully short of being a secure solution.

 Reluctance to deploy genuine security can be down to an underestimation of the ease and impact of an attack. Adversaries that target entry through an unsecured device like a smart phone can cause more damage, more quickly than through attack surfaces behind the protection of the traditional perimeter.

 Even when this threat is understood, the perceived mitigation requirements of cost, infrastructure, management overhead and user experience can be overwhelming. Cyber adAPT’s new cloud service has been released to combat this issue directly.

 Cyber adAPT now offers:

  • Highest-grade security for data processing in a software as a service (SaaS) environment.
  • No on-premises hardware required means lower cost and even faster protection.
  • Full virtualization brings flexibility to react quickly to customer needs.
  • Deployment options and low cost entry models including Amazon Web Services and Azure.
  • Supports trial and pilot customers by providing simple, ring-fenced environments.
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