Among the objectives of the #BankSocial Media Conference is to give CEOs and other leaders the skill and insight to enact a powerful social media strategy. In the discussion, “Credit Union CEOs and Their Social Media Teams,” CEOs from some of the nation’s top credit unions, along with their social media strategists, will discuss the ins and outs of putting together a digital marketing team and measuring its success. Participants include executives from SkyOne Federal Credit Union, Royal Credit Union and Mazuma Credit Union.


“This elite panel is another opportunity to learn about the intersection of social media and finance, from the perspective of credit unions,” says #BankSocial Founder John Siracusa. “I’m honored to have leaders from such innovative and results-focused credit unions together on a panel moderated by CU Times’ Heather Anderson. Bringing so many powerful influencers together in one place has helped #BankSocial exceed its attendee goals significantly.”

“Credit unions and community banks, like all organizations, face a generation gap when it comes to successful social media,” explains CU Times Executive Editor Heather Anderson. “CEOs, who are often baby boomers or Gen X, usually don’t understand how social media is different than traditional advertising channels. On the other end of the spectrum are entry level millennials who understand social media and posting, but lack business experience and don’t have to answer to boards or shareholders if something inappropriate is posted. To implement a successful social media strategy, young and old generations must trust each other’s skill sets and work together to develop a framework that allows for effective social media while managing reputational risk and regulatory compliance.”

“With social media, we have a voice at the table,” proposes Eileen Rivera, CEO of SkyOne. “We can turn negative situations into positive ones. Before social media, we didn’t know what the word of mouth channel was saying.”

Asked why social media is relevant in banking, Mazuma President/CEO Brandon Michaels suggests, “It’s critical for your business because it’s where your customers reside. What better way to interact with your customers, almost instantaneously, for free? To make social media even more compelling, it’s a phenomenal way to increase your brand recognition and loyalty, and understand what your customers are saying and doing. It’s not just a marketing fad, but a highly effective way to engage your current customers and reach new ones.”

Rudy Pereira, president/CEO at Royal Credit Union, says that “Social media is another way we reach out to, listen to, and act upon the feedback we receive from our members. Our values as an organization are able to shine through our transparent engagement with our members and keeping them involved in what is happening in the communities we serve. It is an ongoing, ever-engaging channel that allows Royal to share our story and the stories of our members for all to read and share.”

“Credit Union CEOs and Their Social Media Teams” is scheduled for 2–3 pm on Thursday, April 7 – day one of the #BankSocial Media Conference. The panel discussion will contribute meaningfully to the conference’s overall mission to make connections between retail banks and credit unions, and the forward-thinking social media strategy that can help accelerate growth and create new opportunities for success.

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