Cointelligence Launches its ICO List and Rating System to Provide Investors with a 100% Impartial and Accurate Solution

The ICO listing and rating system will help investors determine the best and most promising ICOs to invest in

Cointelligence (, the data layer for the crypto economy that provides important tools for investors, is announcing today the launch of its ICO List and Rating System. The company is aiming to change the way the crypto community lives and breathes in order to create a more honest and scam-free environment. The ICO List and Rating System are now live on Cointelligence, and can be accessed by investors globally to determine the most promising ICOs to invest in.

Cointelligence believes that there is a growing need in the entire crypto community for an impartial and accurate rating system. A proper rating system must be one that is not influenced by ICO makers, advisors, and or bribes. Moreover, the rating system must be as accurate in order to gain trust from the crypto community. The rating system, developed by Cointelligence’s team of pre-screened and fully vetted crypto experts, offers an impartial rating system designed to give an accurate view of the project and its underlying ICO.

The Cointelligence system is completely impartial, and addresses the current weaknesses in other ICO rating systems, such as impartiality, validity, and potential for corruption of the raters. To counteract these weaknesses, Cointelligence is taking the following steps:

Impartial Raters – The experts are thoroughly vetted, and Cointelligence enlists a second layer of paid employees that go over ratings as well as makes sure the raters are not connected to the projects in any way. Additionally, the identities of the raters are kept anonymous in order to prevent solicitations or other actions, which may adversely affect the impartiality of the raters.
Valid Raters – Another issue is that almost anyone can become a rater. Cointelligence thoroughly vets their rating applicants and tests their knowledge and understanding of the crypto ecosystem and blockchain technologies prior to bringing them on as a rater.

Cointelligence measures the quality of each token using the following criteria:

Data Integrity- Looking at the website and the whitepaper of the ICO to check the validity and the quality of the information provided in both.
Team Identification – Each member of the team is researched via his or her social media accounts and activities. Cointelligence also looks into the team members’ past experience with other projects (GitHub for developers and social network profiles for other positions), as well as recommendations each member receives from the crypto community.
Vision – The raters look into how well defined the vision of the project is, how realistic it is, and the long-term plan that outlines how the vision will be realized.
Product – The product is examined to see how well it aligns with the vision as well as how mature it is (POC/MVP/Working Testnet/Mainnet).
Marketing – The marketing efforts for each project are examined for both quality and quantity of publications on social media and news websites.
Social Engagement – This part focuses on the number of community members who follow the project on different social networks, as well as their level of engagement and sentiment.
Each of the above segments is given a score of either 0-10 or high to low. These criteria also help to determine the risk score our raters give each project.

To find out more, visit the Cointelligence website ( and join the Whitelist to stay informed about the latest news and collaboration updates.

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