World-renowned pioneering performance collective melds with stunning immersive 3D LED technology to give concert goers a wonderland where the lines of live and virtual blur


What are the limits of imagination that can be created in reality? Those are the boundaries that 3D Live is pushing, on full display at this year’s Coachella Music and Arts Festival with Lucent Dossier Experience. Headlining two surprise engagements on April 15th and April 22nd under the Sahara tent, the spectacular performance this year gets an extra dose of sensory exhiliration with an immersive virtual environment.

Lucent Dossier Experience quickly gained prominence with its cirque style performance that blended interaction, avant-garde theatrics and electronic rock into a mind-bending performance. The use of 3D Live’s technology and design allows them to augment reality in ways the audience never thought possible, seemingly defying the laws of existance. Lucent Dossier Experience is the longest running artist act at Coachella, with this year marking the eleventh consecutive year.

A History of Game-Changing Innovation


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The Los Angeles Times called 3D Live “the future of the light show”. 3D Live has soared to become the leader in pioneering technology that is changing live entertainment.

The genesis of 3D Live began on the set of James Cameron’s “Avatar” where the company’s founders first began working in S3D technologies. Following this, members of 3D Live designed the world’s first 3D LED wall for Michael Jackson’s This is It Project.

“At the time, this type of technology was only accessible to someone at Michael Jackson’s level,” says Ryan Pardeiro, Chief Operating Officer for 3D Live. “We asked ourselves, what can we do to make this technology more accessible? That’s why we created 3D Live, to make a turnkey solution that offers everything you need to create a live 3D show.”

Notable projects include the upcoming holographic 4D theme park experience based on the smash game series “Mass Effect” at California’s Great America park in San Jose, in collaboration with Electronic Arts, Bioware and Cedar Fair; the El Capitan pre-show for Pixar’s smash hit “Inside Out”; along with “Cry Out: The Lonely Whale Experience” conceived by 3D Live, Dell, Adrian Grenier and the Lonely Whale Foundation. 3D Live also collaborated with Cedar Fair to bring about Cedar Point VR, a virtual reality preview of the new Valravn roller coaster months prior to even being constructed.

Where Creative Meets Technology

The founding duo of Nathan Huber and Ryan Pardeiro are redefining what people can come to expect from live events. Their team’s blend of creative and engineering talent, matched with patented stereoscopic 3D LED technology, has led to some of the most innovative showcases of dazzling fun and learning.

“We are in the early days of live entertainment technology,” says Nathan Huber, Chief Executive Officer for 3D Live. “Concert attendence has never been higher, but promoters and producers need to constantly push the envelope and keep the audience coming back for more. People desire more, and they want something wonderful and immersive.”

“Our immersive 3D technology allows the performer to be surrounded by holographic –like visualizations and interact with it,” continues Huber. “It’s more than a light show. It’s a trip to an augmented reality. We create entire virtual environments that could never exist in normal physical space. And that enables us to actually change set design techniques by introducing virtual objects, even create virtual rooms that can surround performers on stage. Anything you can imagine can be created in a virtual environment for the audience.”

The Road Forward

To better serve the different variety of clientele, the company will formally create a division for creative services known as AXO under the 3D Live umbrella.

“Our events spark something in the viewer’s mind,” says Pardiero. “It reminds them how exciting the unknown is. When that happens, it’s a rebirth of the possibilities of what can happen at a live show. When the audience feels that, they want to get close to whoever provided that for them, and that’s the artist. It’s a new connection that we are able to provide between the artists and the fans.”