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Tighter spreads; more instruments now on offer

Valutrades, the FCA regulated Foreign Exchange and CFD broker, has announced that owing to a sharp increase in client demand in recent weeks, a migration to a new MT4 server has been completed. In addition to providing the surplus capacity to accommodate the rapidly growing number of client trades, the new server also allows the broker to offer tighter spreads and a wider range of instruments.

Valutrades is now offering clients the ability to trade a total of 56 currency pairs, 13 equity indices and four popular commodities. The target spread on EUR/USD is now 1.4 pips, USD/CAD is just 2 pips, whilst on the DAX the target spread is just 1 point.

Patrick Latchford, Chief Executive of Valutrades, commented:

“We have been very pleased with the success of moving from a white-label MT4 server to an in-house solution and we’re now in a position to offer even more attractive spreads and a wider range of markets. As we continue to build the business we will continue to extend the range of markets and wherever possible the pricing that we can deliver, although we will always want to ensure the quality of the service we deliver is unparalleled in the industry.”

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Having launched in London last summer, Valutrades is finding itself as an increasingly popular choice with clients from around the globe who are looking for a level of service that simply isn’t available from the biggest players. Speed of execution and the FCA’s regulation are both frequently cited as reasons why clients are opening accounts with Valutrades.

Patrick Latchford added:

“There’s no escaping the fact that this is an incredibly competitive market and whilst volatility remains low, it means that to succeed as a broker you need to ensure there are some meaningful differentiators in your business. By drawing on the combined experience of the multilingual team in London, we are already making great progress in building a broker that clients genuinely want to do business with.”

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