ClearSale (, an international fraud-protection company serving e-commerce merchants, has developed a new, proprietary Mapperbiometric toolkit to enhance the company’s Total Guaranteed Protection service. Mapper, developed in-house by ClearSale’s fraud-detection experts, seamlessly combines real-time purchaser behavior and historical data to analyze each individual order’s risk of fraud. Mapper’s function is to thwart would-be thieves who have enough stolen data to impersonate legitimate customers.

clearsale“Fraudsters can steal information, but they cannot always reproduce regular customer behavior with a mouse or keyboard,” said Rafael Lourenco, VP of US Operations at ClearSale. “One of the key weapons against fraud is the ability to analyze the purchase behavior of the person who is placing the order. Mapper adds another layer of detailed, real-time information to each order’s fraud score.”

To protect e-commerce merchants and their customers, Mapper automatically analyzes behaviors of the person placing the order. These include:

  • The amount of time spent on the website. Legitimate customers usually take time to read product information, while thieves often zoom in on products they intend to steal.
  • The amount of time it takes to enter customer, shipping, and payment data. This typically takes longer among fraudsters, who are working with unfamiliar stolen data.
  • A biometric comparison of the shopper’s keyboard input and mouse movements to data fromprevious valid transactions by the same person. This can reveal possible fraud by someone posing as the customer.

Mapper results contribute to the overall fraud score calculated by ClearSale’s Total Guaranteed Protection service, which screens all domestic and cross-border e-commerce orders for fraud risk, manually reviews all high-risk orders, and gives merchants the final say on which orders to approve and deny. Total Guaranteed Protection clientspay no fraud-related chargeback costs and only pay for the orders they approve.

About ClearSale

ClearSale is a Card‐Not‐Present (CNP) fraud prevention enterprise that protects e‐commerce merchants against chargebacks. The company’s flagship product is Total Guaranteed Protection, an end‐to‐end fraud detection and management solution that combines advanced technology with a passionate team of seasoned, in‐house fraud analysts that take personal care to understand and work with every client’s unique needs. Founded by Olympic athlete Pedro Chiamulera, ClearSale has offices in Brazil and Florida. More information at

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