Chen Juheng, Chairman of the Asia Arts Fund, strongly believes that many Chinese investors consider Cyprus as their second home, following the impressive number of successful relocations to the island.

Three main factors influencing Chinese investors to move to Cyprus include free movement of people within the EU, diverse and quality education, and the high-standard of living.

CHINESE INVESTORS ON CYPRUS: A PLACE TO CALL HOME 1Nevertheless, incentives for relocating to Cyprus lie heavily in investment opportunities in the natural gas discoveries, the promising solar and wind energy projects, but also possibilities in wine exports, and the tourism industry.

It is important for the Cyprus Government to regain the confidence of Chinese investors, which suffered greatly as a consequence of the banking crisis.

On a final note Mr. Juheng proposed that the Cyprus Government improves the current requirements and criteria for the Permanent Residency permit, giving measurable estimations of property value in order to ensure transparency and trust to the investors.

It is worth noting that a number of foreign nationals are now looking to invest and relocate to Cyprus, in search of a stable basis within the EU.

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