CASHOFF Lab LLC is the 2019 Global Banking & Finance Awards® winner for Best Digital Banking Technology Provider Russia 2019        

Global Banking and Finance Review is pleased to announce CASHOFF Lab LLC as the 2019 Global Banking & Finance Awards® winner for Best Digital Banking Technology Provider Russia 2019              

Global Banking and Finance Review has awarded CASHOFF LAB LLC in recognition for its dedication to providing leadership and excellence in digital banking technology. “CASHOFF LAB LLC provides banks with the digital banking technology solutions they need to address concerns, stay competitive, reduce expenses and increase profitability. Their digital banking solutions offer innovative solutions that enable banks to improve customer experience, increase user engagement, loyalty and activity,” said Wanda Rich, Editor, Global Banking & Finance Review “We look forward to seeing more from them in the years to come.”

The awards honour companies that stand out in particular areas of expertise in the banking and finance industry. CASHOFF Lab LLC was awarded the Best Digital Banking Technology Provider Russia 2019 because of the company’s outstanding performance and achievements in digital banking technology and by scoring well in the following categories:

  • Bespoke solutions and Innovative customer engagement tools
  • Ease of integration and Ongoing technical support
  • Reduce expenses and boost profitability

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