CanaccordGenuity Wealth Management Canada leverages Hootsuite technology to empower advisors to connect with clients and grow their businesses using social media

CanaccordGenuity Wealth Management Canada, a leading independent, full-service financial services firm, has selected Hootsuite, a widely used platform for managing social media, to support its commitment to leadership and innovation in wealth management. The wealth management firm will use Hootsuite to empower its advisors, making it possible for them to engage in real-time interactive conversations with clients and investors on social media.

Hootsuite is designed to ensure compliance with Canadian regulatory requirements and securities legislation. The solution will allow CanaccordGenuity Wealth Management Canada to ensure communication is compliant with all supervision and retention requirements.

“We’ve long seen online engagement as a tremendous opportunity,” said Stuart Raftus, president of CanaccordGenuity Wealth Management Canada. “The challenge has been how to be responsive in real-time, while remaining compliant. We are confident that this industry-leading initiative by CanaccordGenuity Wealth Management Canada and Hootsuite satisfies that goal.”

“This technology gives our advisors the confidence to deepen relationships and grow their networks online by connecting, listening and engaging, knowing that the technology manages any compliance and regulatory concerns,” said Alley Adams, manager of digital strategy at CanaccordGenuity Wealth Management Canada.

“The financial services industry is based on trust and rooted in strong relationships. In today’s digital world, relationships are forged and nurtured on social media,” said Amy McIlwain, global principal of financial services at Hootsuite. “CanaccordGenuity Wealth Management Canada recognised this shift in communication and is embracing social media as a way to connect with clients. This is one of the reasons that we are thrilled to support their leadership team as they embrace social throughout their organisation.”

Hootsuite helps financial services organisations execute compliant business strategies for social media, and enable more than 2500 enterprise organisations to scale social media activities across multiple teams, departments and business units. The versatile platform also supports a thriving ecosystem of more than 250 technology integrations, allowing financial services firms to extend social media into existing systems, workflow and programs.

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