The first and only book – launched this March and already in its second print – dedicated to improving the advisory techniques of financial advisers has become one of the most unlikely indicators of growing confidence in emerging, resurgent and frontier markets worldwide.

Authored by Doug Tucker, Managing Director of leading international sales training organization, Sales Commando, the book, ‘Sales Commando, Unleash Your Potential’, provides cutting-edge, practical and proven techniques financial advisers need to gain an advantage in an increasingly competitive industry.

As Doug says: “My book has sold well in established financial markets, especially in the U.S. where there’s an existing strong corporate culture of self-improvement and ongoing professional development.

“But I’m surprised to note that where my debut book has really taken off is in new and emerging markets such as the UAE, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.”

In fact, 66 per cent of book sales to date have been within emerging and growth-leading economies.

Can Book Sales Highlight Important Trends In The Financial Services Industry?
Can Book Sales Highlight Important Trends In The Financial Services Industry?

Looking at these book sales, the message seems to be, those in established markets should not rest on their laurels but prepare to dive in and gain the advantage as emerging markets gather strength.

Doug says: “It’s been a tough few years in the financial services sector.  But there’s a growing sense of confidence in the emerging and frontier marketplace that began in earnest in the middle of last year.  Both investors and financial advisers are experiencing and acting on this. “

 The correlation between book sales and increased confidence in emerging, frontier or re-emerging markets is an important one. Tough trading places for the financial industries demand financial advisers gain any advantage they can and “Sales Commando – Unleash Your Potential” has been written to precisely meet that need.

Doug observes: “Judging by the breakdown of book sales of ‘Sales Commando, Unleash Your Potential’ those advisers working in the emerging markets are the ones most keenly expressing a desire to harness this building marketplace momentum by honing their skills.

“Take, for example, the UAE. Once oil dependent, their economy is now being driven by non-oil sector growth. Then look at Kuwait, Bangladesh, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand – these are all areas where there is a new optimism spurred by growth which in turn spurs the growth of trade in financial products. These territories have been where “Sales Commando – Unleash Your Potential” has sold best.

“As the second print run of “Sales Commando – Unleash Your Potential” comes to market it’ll be interesting to see which countries continue to produce most sales.

“Other indices aren’t redundant but maybe – just maybe – there’s a new market indicator.”

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