With bonus season a long forgotten memory and with many bankers now safely ensconced on their yachts or South of France holiday homes, summer is often the trough in the financial calendar.

“In past years we have found that interest in public speaking training has peaked during the summer months. The decision to launch the speaking academy was borne out of a need to boost the income of financial institutions, particularly after the global financial crash.”  Mark Cowne, Founder of Kruger Cowne.

Kruger Cowne, Europe’s leading Public Speaking Bureau, aim to change financial institutions forecasts for the coming months and help businesses to maximize the lucrative income stream that is public speaking. With impressive public figures such as Sir Bob Geldof, John Simpson CBE and Professor Noreena Hertz clients of their glittering roster, the introduction of Kruger Cowne’s Speaking Academy, promises bespoke sessions that inspire, motivate and improve confidence in C-Suite employers, right down to the VPs on the trade floor.

Bob Geldof gives speech
Bob Geldof gives speech

An estimated 75 percent of all people experience glossophobia, the fear of public speaking. Forbes has written extensively on the implications of glossophobia on businesses, and have identified that being able to speak in public is one of the key business skills that can make or break a company.  It is well documented that the late Steve Jobs’ impact at Apple came more from his public speaking ability than any of his other personal or business skill. For those who are able to overcome the fear and anxiety often felt when faced by an audience, it pays, quite literally.

Public speaking can increase confidence not only personally but also in the eyes of employees, cementing a position of leadership. Talentmgt.com explain how great leaders see higher productivity, higher levels of respect and are less likely to see teams lose out to competition due to better engagement with their team. Whether pitching to a new multi million-dollar client, or closing that all-important deal, Kruger Cowne’s Speaking Academy instill a sense of power, confidence and the ability to overcome obstacles through their team of world class speaking coaches.

World-renowned financial businessman and public speaker, Warren Buffet, was famously quoted as saying ‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that then you will do things differently.” Understanding the close link between an individual’s personal brand and that of the company’s is crucial to success, something Buffet seems to have not only taken on board, but made billions from.

Jordan Belfort, the notorious Wolf of Wall Street, is another of the finance industry’s example of how through the use of public speaking, he has managed to generate a handsome new revenue stream. According to Business Week, Belfort’s talks generate in the region of $30,000. His salesmanship and ability to appear natural when speaking are cited as what makes his keynotes a success.

With Kruger Cowne coaches including Mary Spillane, former special assistant to President Ronald Regan, Jeff Grout listed in the 100 best speakers in Britain list, Steve Deeks best known for coaching Barclays Investment and Deborah Leigh whom has trained organization ranging from Credit Suisse, Meryl Lynch and Deutsche Bank. Kruger Cowne Speaking Academy are gearing up to make trade floors across the Square Mile and Canary Wharf altogether more vocal this Autumn.

To find out more about Kruger Cowne’s Speaking Academy visit: www.krugercownespeakingacademy.com

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