Chief Data Officers and Compliance Officers Gain an Immediate View of Changes to Data Lineage with Enhanced Governance Capabilities, New Lineage Subscription Feature

ASG Technologies, a leading provider of information access, management and control solutions for today’s enterprise, today announced the launch of ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence release 8.8. Building on the strength of ASG’s industry-leading data intelligence solution, the update adds proactive notification features to offer ongoing visibility into the origin and transformation of critical corporate data elements, something many organizations currently lack. As a result, users gain confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of the underlying information that influences everything from forward-looking business strategy, to compliance, to real-time customer interactions.

The enhanced metadata management capabilities in ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence 8.8 offer a clearer, more immediate view of important changes to support accurate and timely business decisions and compliance responses. For example, with the new Lineage Subscription feature, a compliance officer responsible for preparing regulatory reports can be automatically notified when lineage for critical data elements relevant to his or her reports are changed. With immediate notification of lineage changes, businesses can eliminate data-related surprises, shorten time-to-compliance, and support proactive metadata management and data governance strategies.

“ASG’s goal is to develop innovative products that increase confidence for our customers, and our updates to ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence deliver that by improving visibility of the data companies depend on,” said Swamy Viswanathan, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, ASG Technologies. “Businesses gain a proactive way to trace and understand their corporate data, which puts them in a better position to avoid potential compliance risks and take advantage of new business opportunities.”

ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence leverages the company’s rich catalog of business glossary, data inventory, data governance and reference data solutions. Businesses can incorporate application data from more than 220 sources across mainframe, distributed and Hadoop-based systems, making ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence the most comprehensive and fully integrated solution of its kind. Current ASG-Rochade or ASG-Becubic customers will be able to upgrade to ASG Data Intelligence 8.8.

Additional new features in ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence 8.8 include:

  • Targeted UI Enhancements – Simplifies how business users view critical data elements and business rules
  • Data Quality Integrated in Lineage Views – Enables business users to see changes to data quality in the data path over time so they can track the long-term accuracy of critical data elements
  • Bulk Load – Simplifies the loading of flat files, providing time savings and improved efficiency
  • Rules based Lineage Stitching Enhancements – Makes it easier for users to form relationships between data elements, helping them to better understand crucial data dependencies



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