Companies of all sizes to benefit from smart software that controls everything from phones to vehicles to plant equipment.

Bulb City

Bulb Software Ltd, the leading developer of smart asset management software has announced the launch of its BulbThings suite. This Cloud-based management solution is designed to help companies manage their assets ranging from handheld devices and vehicles to diverse equipment used by its customers.

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This will ensure the assets are optimally available for staff to operate, it controls their costs, and it achieves efficiency gains through automation of operational and administrative tasks required to manage them

The advanced package will provide a fully integrated lifecycle management and connected things solution.

BulbThings is an innovative software suite, which has been in development for over a year and its special features take advantage of web app technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT). Pricing starts from as little as $2 per asset.

BulbThings features the following smart features:

  • Single tool to manage all sorts of assets: BulbThings allows customers to understand not only the global cost but how much an individual staff member costs using their assets and it incentivizes them to operate more economically.
  • Simultaneous tracking and management of assets: customers can follow orders, contracts, events, and exits or returns of all assets. Bundled with the device-tracking option is real-time location and usage data.
  • Collaborative solution: this next-generation web app (built on html 5) provides notifications and alerts to asset managers, users and suppliers, meaning a customer can work more efficiently and in real-time.
  • Integrated strategic analysis: analyses data from multiple source (e.g. connected assets, suppliers’ invoices, user app) and provides managers with the insight needed to optimise asset usage and cut costs.


“BulbThings allows the management and best usage of vehicles, mobile devices, equipment and more,” commented Leslie Depond, Bulb Software Chief Customer Officer. “We know from talking to our customers that the BulbThings approach of allowing management of all of a user’s assets in one place, makes it much easier to control everything while keeping down costs. Whether your business is big or small, BulbThings will connect your assets via a single, Cloud-based solution. And as more things get connected in the enterprise, our solution will allow the tracking and management of them all.”